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Auto Accidents

Do I Need a Lawyer after a Car Accident in Camden, SC?

Car Accident Lawyer Camden, SC

The short answer to this often-asked question is “yes, absolutely.” If you’ve been injured in a car accident, it is essential you hire an attorney to protect your rights and ensure you receive fair compensation. Without an attorney, you are putting yourself at risk for being taken advantage of by insurance companies and the legal…

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What to Do if You Experience a Headache Following an Auto Accident in Columbia, South Carolina

Columbia Auto Accident Attorney South Carolina

Headaches are among the most frequently seen complaints after any kind of personal injury accident. In fact, many people experience severe headaches without any known causal event. Yet, when someone experiences a headache after a Columbia, South Carolina, auto accident, the situation warrants further investigation. Even if you are used to getting headaches, even if…

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When Liability in a Columbia, SC Auto Accident is Unclear

Columbia South Carolina lawyer for Auto Accidents

Not all auto accident claims have clear and apparent liability. Although many incidents involve an obviously intoxicated driver, clear evidence of distraction, or outright disregarded laws and traffic signals, there are plenty of others that are nowhere near as obvious, and liability can become a subject of serious dispute. The other driver may deny fault.…

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Seat Belts Save Lives in Columbia, South Carolina, Auto Accidents

car wreck injury lawyer in Columbia SC

The seat belt laws in South Carolina and throughout the United States have changed a lot over the years. There are plenty of people around today who still remember when children didn’t have to be buckled, much less placed in child safety restraint seats. There was a time when half a dozen kids could climb…

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