Should I Sign the Medical Authorization Forms Sent By The Insurance Company?

November 2, 2021

If you received medical authorization forms sent after a car accident, you would know how daunting it is to deal with all the forms sent by the insurance companies. Quite obviously, the company personnel never have your best interest in mind. Therefore, it is up to you to decide what forms to sign and what to discard altogether.

What Is a Medical Authorization Form?

A HIPAA compliant document that gives the insurance company permission to access your health care records is referred to as a medical authorization form. This form is sent to you to view your medical records to see if there have been injuries to the body parts that were injured in the present car accident.

Giving access to your records, for one thing, is like breaking into your privacy and also provides supporting documents for the company to fight you. This can significantly reduce the compensation amount you are asking.

Should You Sign the Form or Not?

Just deciding not to sign the medical authorization form may not be the best option. The insurance company sure needs a few medical records relating to some basic information. If they cannot access these, it is possible that you may not be paid at all. The key lies in deciding which medical records can be made accessible to the company.

Consider these options before anything else.

  • Have a word with the insurance company to let them know that you are ready to sign a HIPAA form that permits them to see the medical records since the accident date
  • Refrain from signing the medical authorization form and get the medical records yourself
  • Talk to a personal injury attorney to get the best opinion on your case

Records Needed By the Insurance Company

The insurance company requires only these medical records to process your claim.

  • Medical records of the injuries caused by the car accident
  • Documents like X-rays, if available
  • Documents regarding the treatment you received or have been advised

So, if you had a fracture or the like, they just need the diagnosis, X-rays, and proof showing that you underwent minor surgery. No extra information like your history of diabetes or heart issues is necessary to process the current case. So, you can stand firm with your point that you will not sign a form that permits them to view your entire medical history.

The insurer is authorized to have certain select information to know that the injury is real and that the claim is fair. So, you must provide them with these basic data.

Keep in mind that the insurance company will never do anything that will benefit you. All they need is to give the lowest compensation amount to you. This is how they make a profit for the company. They may try to offer an initial settlement which should not be accepted in any situation.

Even the simple things you tell them can be used against you while processing the claim. So be careful of what you are discussing with them. The things you say unknowingly can be manipulated and used to lessen the chance of getting a good amount of compensation.

Get Help From a Car Accident Lawyer

With a car accident lawyer by your side, the insurance company can never take advantage of you. A lawyer is the one who handles all the communication with the company on your behalf. All the requests from the company must go through the lawyer, and he decides which requests are genuine. If the company tries to talk or write to you, give them the details of your lawyer and back off from any kind of unnecessary talking.

The accident lawyer knows which records the company may require to proceed with the case, so he gives them those, and that’s it. He will safeguard all the records that are not needed. For example, the company will need records of all the injuries you are claiming in your accident. The lawyer can identify the relevant documents and hand them over to the insurer.

It can be tricky to make your point clear to the insurance company. Whether you sign the medical authorization form is purely your decision. So, there is no need to be doubtful. Be firm when you say that only the records after the accident can be shared. Having an attorney with you will make this process easier for you.

That said, if you are looking for a car accident attorney who can assist you with medical authorization forms sent after a car accident, contact us today.