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Who Is Responsible For Your Slip and Fall Injury?

personal injury claim attorney in Kershaw County

Some of the most common personal injury cases that we see at the Connell Law Firm involve slip and fall injuries. Many people are naturally embarrassed after a slipping and falling down, especially in a public setting, such as a grocery store. For this reason, it is also not uncommon for victims of such injuries…

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Most Common Workplace Injuries And How To Claim Workers' Compensation

Columbia SC work injury claim lawyer

In the United States, there are around three million work related illnesses and injuries reported every year, with over half of them requiring time off work. Some of them lead to ongoing restrictions and others require a complete change of job. Still others end up with the injured person becoming temporarily or permanently disabled. Following…

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Determining Responsibility in South Carolina Car Crashes

Columbia South Carolina car accident injury claim lawyer

Recently, a South Carolina resident tragically lost her life in a car crash when another driver operating a company car crossed the centerline and struck her SUV head-on. The victim’s four year old grandson, who was also a passenger, suffered a broken nose, a broken pelvis, and head trauma. The responsible party is facing felony…

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