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Auto Accidents

Three Cases Where You Must Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

car accident lawyer

Do you really need a car accident lawyer for a crash case? In the case of car crashes and car accidents, many legal repercussions will occur. After the incident, there will be many strings attached that need to be taken care of – the compensation for the injured individual’s medical bills, insurance company claims, and…

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Why Would the Insurance Company Deny Your Claim?

insurance company-claim-denied

An insurance company offers an essential service. This is so that you are covered if you get into a car accident and somebody gets hurt. Ideally, the only damage you’ll suffer in a car wreck will be to your vehicle. Unfortunately, not everybody is so lucky. You could suffer serious injuries in your accident. You…

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Does a Poor Driving Record Hurt Your Case?

driving record-impact-case

There are certain situations where people are naturally going to assume that a person is at fault in a car crash. Some of that decision rests on your driving record. So, when your Columbia car accident lawyer learns that you have a bad driving record, they only have a couple of options. They can hold…

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Ask a South Carolina Car Accident Lawyer: Can You Sue Someone for Damages if They Were Acquitted of Drunk Driving Charges in Columbia?

South Carolina Car Accident Lawyer

Any South Carolina car accident lawyer will tell you, there is no excuse for drunk driving. Years ago, people had to get a designated driver if they were going out for a night of partying. When anti-drunk driving campaigns first became popular, they urged people to find a designated driver rather than drink and drive.…

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Will the Other Driver Need to Hire an Attorney Too?

Hire an Attorney

It seems strange, but it’s extremely common to have a victim asked if the other driver will hire an attorney as well. The good news is that in most situations the at-fault driver already has a legal representation. Victims can take some peace in knowing that they will often only pay contingency fees in the…

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