Those facing criminal charges are often facing the worst moment of their lives. A conviction can mean
prison for years or the end of a person’s career, livelihood, and professional reputation. The lawyers at
Connell Law Firm include a former federal prosecutor who has worked all sides of criminal cases ranging
from routine state charges to complicated federal white-collar crime. Across Richland County, Florence
County, Kershaw County, and the rest of South Carolina, they have the experience and knowledge
necessary to fight effectively for the best result for any criminal charge. If you or a member of your
family have been accused of a crime, or are under state or federal investigation, contact Connell Law
Firm for an initial consultation.

Criminal Cases We Handle

  • White Collar Criminal Defense
    o Grand Jury
    o Coronavirus
    o Healthcare
    o Insurance
    o Tax
    o Wire Fraud
    o Environmental
    o Bank and Mortgage
    o Public Corruption
    o Computer Crimes
    o Money Laundering
    o Embezzlement
    o Securities Fraud
  • Other Crimes
    o Drugs
    o Felony DUI
    o Asset Forfeiture
    o LLR
    o College Disciplinary
    o Representing LEO
  • False Claims Act
  • Internal Investigations
  • Local Counsel