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Evidence You Need When Filing a Wrongful Death Claim

The death of a loved one is never easy, especially when the negligence or wrongdoing of another person causes it. In these tragic cases, filing a wrongful death claim may be necessary to seek justice and compensation for your loss. However, navigating the legal system can be overwhelming without proper evidence to support your case.…

Factors That Can Lead to the Dismissal of Your Premises Liability Claim

Have you ever been injured on someone else’s property due to their negligence? If so, you may be entitled to file a premises liability claim against them. However, it is important to note that not all claims are successful. Factors such as failure to prove negligence or the presence of comparative negligence can lead to…

What Is Premises Liability and When Can You Sue a Property Owner?

Premises liability holds property owners responsible for injuries (to anyone who enters and is present on the site legally) that occur on their property due to unsafe or hazardous conditions. If you have sustained an injury on someone else’s property, you may be able to sue for damages if the property owner was negligent in…

Can You Sue for a Slip and Fall Near a Swimming Pool in South Carolina?

Had a bad slip and fall near a swimming pool in South Carolina and hurt yourself seriously? Wonder if you can sue the responsible party? The answer is yes, you can sue for a slip and fall in South Carolina if it was caused by the negligence of the property owner or another party. However,…

What Are Punitive Damages & Why Do They Matter In Personal Injury Lawsuits In South Carolina?

Most people envision a simple payout for medical costs and any lost wages when thinking of a personal injury lawsuit. However, there’s much more to it. If a person is found at fault for the accident, they could also be on the hook for punitive damages. But what exactly are punitive damages, and how can…

Is It More Favorable To Settle Out Of Court for Personal Injury?

Settling out of court for personal injury cases is pretty common – it’s simpler, that’s it. This is the better option because the court process is lengthy and can be risky. It is common for personal injury cases to settle before the case even goes to court. But this is only beneficial if you are…