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Should You Pursue Punitive Damages Against the Drunk Driver in Your Wreck?

It’s pretty normal for someone to want the drunk driver who hit them to pay for as much as possible. Not only should you get compensation for the damage to your car, the medical bills, and your time lost at work. You should do battle for damages that aren’t so easy to identify: your mental…

Bridge in Spartanburg Destroyed After Hit by Semi-Truck

Motorists were detoured away from the SC-110 bridge Monday afternoon. On Monday at about 3:40 pm, a semi-truck hit the bridge. It caused a lot of structural damage to the bridge. It was deemed unsafe for other motorists. This area has now been added to the Interstate-85 Widening Project. In the meantime, road crews are…

Why Did the Drunk Driver Who Hit You Get Off So Easy?

Even in Columbia, South Carolina, where the general outlook on DUIs is pretty negative, the punishments are hardly ever harsh. Drunk drivers get away with quite a lot in terms of not serving jail time and not facing penalties that they should face for their actions. You were hurt by a drunk driver, possibly your…

2 College Students Killed in Multi-Vehicle Crash in Mount Olive

Whenever we hear that there’s been a fatal accident, we find ourselves saying a little prayer for the family of the victims. This is especially true when the crash involves young people. There have been recent stories about groups of college athletes being injured in traffic accidents. This appears to be the case this week…

What Happens When Nursing Homes Neglect the Elderly?

When an elder is being neglected, it’s often some kind of power trip. Here is this helpless elderly person, who may not be able to speak or report wrongdoing, and this person is neglecting them purposefully. Neglect can include not dressing or changing medical wrappings correctly or prohibiting them access to food. Because neglect spans…

Man Dies During Motorcycle Race in Salley, South Carolina

A Georgia man died Sunday in Salley, South Carolina after taking part in an off-road motorcycle race. The race was part of the Sandlapper Enduro Race which takes part in Salley. 56-year old John Nutt, from Georgia, was one of the racers. The race started on Saturday afternoon and was supposed to continue until 2…