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What Type of Injuries Are Most Common in Drunk Driving Crashes?

When people are involved in a drunk driving accident, they tend to suffer very serious injuries. They have no way to prepare for the impact. One minute they’re driving down the road and out of nowhere a drunk driver smashes into the side of the car. The drunk driver typically walks away from the accident…

How to Prove Negligence at a Hospital or Nursing Home

Medical professionals like nurses and doctors are the primary responders to any healthcare emergency. Society owes them for their expertise and skill, but what happens when these medical professionals breach their solemn duty to care for the patient? Read along to know all about negligence at a hospital and the legal remedies available to patients…

Should I Sign the Medical Authorization Forms Sent By The Insurance Company?

If you received medical authorization forms sent after a car accident, you would know how daunting it is to deal with all the forms sent by the insurance companies. Quite obviously, the company personnel never have your best interest in mind. Therefore, it is up to you to decide what forms to sign and what…

How to Prove Negligence at a Nursing Home or Hospital?

Is your loved one or elderly being ill-treated at a hospital or nursing home? What should you do to prove negligence at a nursing home? How to prove that the nursing or hospital staff is not performing the due care they owe to your loved one? Such practice is termed medical malpractice. A person can…

At-Fault Car Insurance Explained

There is at-fault car insurance and no-fault car insurance. There are at-fault sate and no-fault states. How are they different? Which should you prefer? Which system does South Carolina use? Let’s know the difference. What Is No-Fault Car Insurance? No-fault car insurance provides the privilege for the one injured in the car accident to be…

A Deeper Insight Into Nursing Home Neglect

If you have any of your loved ones in a nursing home, you might know a little about nursing home neglect and its legalities. It is of prime importance that the nursing home provides good care and treatment to each resident, whatever the condition they are in. If there is any negligence on the part…