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Who to Pursue if Your Limo Driver Gets into a Drunk Driving Accident?

Imagine that you and your friends are going out to dinner and a concert. You know everyone will be drinking so you all chip in and hire a limo driver. You have front row tickets and you want to arrive at the concert in style. The ride to the concert is uneventful. You get there…

How Hard is it to Prove Fault in a Drunk Driving Accident?

There are over a million people arrested for drunk driving in this country every year. And, this number doesn’t include the over 100 million cases of self-reported drunk driving. This means the number of people injured in drunk driving accidents in South Carolina are dangerously high. A lot of people think that, if the defendant…

Is a Nursing Home Liable for their Employees’ Behavior in South Carolina?

Deciding to move your elderly parent into a nursing home may be the hardest decision you ever have to make. The last thing you should have to worry about is your loved one being abused while in their nursing home or assisted living facility. If a nursing home employee harms a resident, they can be held…

South Carolina is One of the Worst States for Drunk Driving Deaths

Despite the advent of rideshare companies, thousands of people still make the decision to drive drunk every year. When people driver after drinking or using drugs, they put both themselves and all other motorists at risk. Knowing how big of a problem this is, law enforcement makes countless efforts to reduce drunk driving. However, even…

What is the Nursing Home Reform Act of 1987?

After an increased number of complaints against nursing homes being filed, the government decided to do some research into patient care. In the 1980s, comprehensive research was done to see just how poorly nursing home residents were treated in the U.S.c The results of the study were quite alarming. They found that there were widespread…

Who Can You Sue if a Drunk Truck Driver Crashes into You?

In this day and age, there is simply no excuse for drunk driving or drunk truck driver.  With the advent of rideshare companies, all you have to do is click an app and a car pulls up within minutes. If you’re out drinking with your friends, any one of you can call and Uber. You…