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Can You Protect Yourself From Wrong-Way Drivers?

Wrong-way drivers seem to be their own type of epidemic plaguing America at the moment. After documentaries such as There’s Something Wrong with Aunt Diane, you would have expected people to become more aware of the dangers of wrong-way driving, but no. Instead, people have used the lack of vehicles on freeways, highways, and main…

What Happens When You Didn’t Know The Driver Was Intoxicated?

It’s pretty surprising to find out that most victims of drunk drivers didn’t know that the other driver was intoxicated right away. They may have thought the other driver was speeding or even street racing. The victims of drunk drivers may have even suspected that the driver was under the influence but received no confirmation…

How Your Family Can Find a High-Quality Nursing Home

High-quality nursing homes are available and at every price range. The trouble is that finding a good nursing home takes time and effort from everyone involved. You’ll have to dedicate your spare time to meet with administrators, doctors, and nursing staff. Going right into the nursing homes, and evaluating the environment are two of the…

Timeline on Settling Crashes with a Drunk Driver

Many people worry about how long they’ll have to wait for a settlement. The internet certainly doesn’t help with its troves of misinformation. So we’re going to break down the process so you can have a somewhat clear timeline on what to expect. When you have a drunk driver involved, the entire resolution takes longer.…

Is Your Loved One Getting the Care They Need? The Dark Truth of Nursing Homes

Nursing homes were never painted as the picture-perfect end to a long-life. In fact, the running joke is that you get put in a nursing home when your kids won’t care for you. That typically not the case. Most of our elderly need medical support and around-the-clock care that they just couldn’t get in our…

Is Drunk Driving Worse Now Than Ever Before?

Drunk driving has become a simple fact of our day to day life. No one can escape a drunk driver on the loose, and while many have serious injuries, others never walk away. If you were hurt, even during a world-wide event that seems it should deter drunk drivers, you need a Columbia car accident…