The Physical and Emotional Effects of Drunk Driving Accidents

January 14, 2022

For decades, many people have died or gotten injured because of drunk driving accidents in Columbia, SC. It is stated that around 28 people die in the United States daily due to mishaps that involve drunk drivers. Each year, Americans have been reported to spend billions of dollars in the aftermath of drunk driving accidents.

Both the emotional and financial cost of drunk driving is pretty high. The psychological, physical, and emotional effects of drunk driving accidents take a high toll on victims and also their friends and families.

Drunk Driving Statistics

Here are some notable drunk driving statistics.

  • Young drivers between the ages of 21 to 25 years are very likely to drive drunk.
  • Repeated offenders almost comprise one-third of all convicted drunk drivers.
  • Do you know that alcohol-related accidents cost the taxpayers around $100 billion?

The Physical Impact of Alcohol-Related Accidents; Notes from Columbia Car Accident Lawyers:

Anyone who has survived a drunk driving accident in Columbia, SC, with minor or no injuries is considered fortunate. Nevertheless, many car crash survivors can hardly be regarded lucky with the type of physical injuries they have sustained.

The most unfortunate drunk driving injuries are when the injured person has suffered crashes involving the head and brain. Many survivors with a traumatic brain injury often are left unable to perform basic actions like speaking or walking even.

Apart from the head and neck, the spine, the chest, the legs, and the knees are also vulnerable during car crashes. It takes time for survivors to recover from injuries in these areas. Victims are also likely to experience chronic pain for a very long time.

If you have also faced a drunk driving accident, it is best to contact a lawyer at the earliest. An experienced lawyer knows the consequences and can help you a big time to recover damages if you are not at fault.

The Psychological Impact of Drunk Driving Crashes:

People involved in drunk driving crashes also suffer emotional distress and psychological trauma. Especially when the accident is so violent that someone gets killed or seriously hurt because of it. Survivors also tend to suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which affects millions of Americans each year.

People suffering from PTSD typically manifest symptoms like difficulty in sleeping, irritability, problems concentrating, jumpiness, emotional numbness, and nightmares.

Activities like driving a car also trigger flashbacks, making the survivors feel as if they are going through the traumatic experience again. Anything reminding them of the fateful day can set off flashbacks.

Victims of car accidents may feel survivor’s guilt. Even when they are not the reason behind the accident, they are likely to experience obstinate mental and emotional stress because they survived the crash while others didn’t.

We Help Victims of Drunk Driving Accidents

If you have been hurt in a car accident caused by a drunk driver, then we can help you. In the beginning, it is hard to understand what you should do. But once you collect yourself and process what has happened, the first thing you should do is to contact an accident attorney in Columbia, SC, and let them handle the procedure while you focus on your physical and emotional health. At Connell Law Firm, we have experienced car accident lawyers who can help you recover the cost of your damages.