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What if I’m Partly at Fault for My Car Accident?

I Was Partly at Fault for My Car Accident | Columbia Car Accident Lawyer

Very rarely is one driver 100% at fault for a car accident. You know what we mean. Even if you’ve been hit by another car, part of you realizes that you may not have been totally innocent. Maybe you got hit from behind while you were texting your friend. Or, perhaps you didn’t brake when you…

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How Can You Spot Nursing Home Neglect?

How To Spot Nursing Home Neglect | Columbia Nursing Home Abuse

We never want to think that someone would abuse our elderly parents. If you’ve put your mom or dad into a nursing home, you expect them to be kept safe. The last thing we’d expect is for them to be abused or neglected. Columbia Nursing home abuse lawyers know how to spot the abuse. They also…

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