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Nursing Home Negligence

How Should Nursing Homes Handle Aggressive Patients?

nursing home neglect

From simple disagreements to outright battles with orderlies, elderly patients can pose an immediate Danger on themselves, the staff, and other residents. We are all aware that seniors can become extremely aggressive and even violent. These elderly residents may not understand what is going on or may have no control over the rationalization behind their…

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How Your Family Can Find a High-Quality Nursing Home

lady yelling at elderly woman

High-quality nursing homes are available and at every price range. The trouble is that finding a good nursing home takes time and effort from everyone involved. You’ll have to dedicate your spare time to meet with administrators, doctors, and nursing staff. Going right into the nursing homes, and evaluating the environment are two of the…

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The High Risk of Nursing Home Abuse When No One is Watching

Nursing home negligence

From pandemics to safety concerns, and even threats phoned in from unknown sources. There are numerous reasons for nursing homes to shut their doors to visitors, and it makes people nervous. But, in truth, they shut their doors to visitors every night. You and your family don’t know what goes on in the home after…

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What Happens When Nursing Homes Neglect the Elderly?

Elder is Being Neglected

When an elder is being neglected, it’s often some kind of power trip. Here is this helpless elderly person, who may not be able to speak or report wrongdoing, and this person is neglecting them purposefully. Neglect can include not dressing or changing medical wrappings correctly or prohibiting them access to food. Because neglect spans…

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How to Take Action Against Medical Staff that Failed to Report Pneumonia

Failed to Report Pneumonia

Pneumonia is something that can take down the elderly and very young with very little effort. In fact, it’s such a big risk for elderly patients that doctors demand immediate notice when a patient or nursing home resident displays any signs of pneumonia. But, if someone failed to report the pneumonia, then you’re likely wondering…

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How Can Sexual Abuse Happen at a Nursing Home?

Sexual Abuse in a Nursing Home

It’s startling to learn that your disabled family member or family elder suffered sexual abuse in a nursing home facility. It may seem unlikely, and even local police may question the allegations. When it comes to sexual abuse, you’ll find that many people are quick to question the actuality or the reality of the claims.…

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Who Do I Need to Talk to About Nursing Home Abuse?

Nursing Home Abuse in Columbia SC

Nursing home abuse awareness is on the rise, and it’s clear that for decades co-residents and staff members have been abusing the elderly in nursing homes. Nursing home abuse is extremely serious, and not something that should ever be downplayed. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happens when families report the abuse to the facility. Should you…

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