Three Cases Where You Must Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

September 14, 2021

Do you really need a car accident lawyer for a crash case? In the case of car crashes and car accidents, many legal repercussions will occur. After the incident, there will be many strings attached that need to be taken care of – the compensation for the injured individual’s medical bills, insurance company claims, and automobile damage coverages. In some severe accidents, the deaths of the involved individuals and the compensation to their family members need to be taken care of as well.

Collecting evidence, proving a person guilty or innocent, finding out which party was more at fault in the accident, and arguing the case in a courtroom such that the individual gets proper compensation for their injuries – all these activities need a professional lawyer’s help. It may be true that people can handle these cases without any legal assistance, but there is a high risk as the opposing parties, the insurance companies, and the people involved in the case will try and rob you out of your justified recovery amount.

To acquire full compensation and handle the case so that the facts will work in your favor, you need to hire a car accident lawyer.

Three Major Cases Where It Is Crucial to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer:

The following circumstances make having a lawyer after a crash in Camden or Kershaw County essential.

Life-Threatening or Life-Altering Injuries:

Car accidents can cause injuries from a scale of normal bruises and fractures to life-altering conditions and even death. Conditions like concussions, head injuries, and spinal injuries, which leave the individual with serious cases of memory loss, brain trauma, paralyzed or amputated limbs, and diminished cognitive behavior, are examples of severe auto accidents.

In such cases, it is essential to obtain as much compensation as possible from the evidence. The individual’s life will never be the same, so proper justice should be given to them. There may also be some cases where the victims developed delayed onset conditions due to neurological injuries.

These cases will be hard to prove as the statute of limitations will also play a part. Having an attorney at your side will help you prove the facts in court as they are experienced in dealing with such cases and can help prove the facts better.

Accidents Involving Heavy Transport Vehicles or Professional Drivers:

In accidents where the other party is a truck or delivery driver, it will be hard to fight the case without a lawyer as those drivers are professionals. Accidents with these commercial vehicles are tough cases as these drivers will be working under strict standards given directly by the state. They have to follow certain vehicle maintenance regulations, working hour rules, and vehicle loading standards. Hence unless you have an attorney by your side, the case cannot be easy.

Also, when the involved party is a government employee or a government allotted vehicle, it will be hard to acquire compensation from them. In the state of South Carolina, there are certain exemptions or immunities regarding government vehicles. Having an attorney by your side will be a huge help as they know these state laws and can work with them.

When you put forth a compensation claim in a case and if the opposite driver is a police officer or a firefighter, you are questioning their training abilities and indirectly questioning the law and its ability. Hence these cases are very delicate and should need professional assistance.

Statute Of Limitations

In any legal case, the victim will have a period from the time of the accident, during which they can file a case. If the victim fails to file a case or does so after this time period, then the case will be hard to win. Some courts may not even consider the case. This is because if given more time, the evidence, witness testimony, and facts of the accident will blur. In such cases, your lawyers will be able to help you navigate the technicalities.

Each state has its own statute of limitations. The victim has to file their personal injury cases in this period. While going through serious injuries and personal financial issues, this time limit will add to your stress. Hence it is a necessity that you hire a professional.

So, if you are looking for the best car accident lawyer who can help you handle your car accident case, contact our experienced attorneys today. Coming with years of experience in similar cases, our attorneys know how things work. Contact us today to learn more.