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Personal Injury

What Neglect is Involved with Wound Infections in Nursing Homes?

A nurse being abusive to an elderly man.

Neglect can be simply not changing a dressing over a wound, or it can be to intentionally leave a patient unattended for long periods of time. The result is the same, whether there was intent or some miscommunication with the staff. When your family member is suffering from a wound that should have healed without…

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What Is Negligence in a South Carolina Personal Injury Lawsuit?

South Carolina Personal Injury Lawyer

Accidents happen every day. You could receive an injury or lose a loved one through an accident. If the accident occurs due to someone’s negligence you can seek compensation.  A personal injury lawyer can assist you to go after the party at fault. You could file a personal injury lawsuit in South Carolina for the…

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How Do I Pursue a Personal Injury Claim in Camden on Behalf of My Child?

Personal Injury Claim Camden South Carolina

Accidents happen, and sometimes a child is involved. If the accident goes beyond the average bruise or injury that requires stitches, the possibility of a Camden personal injury claim comes into play. Seeing your child hurt is a parent’s worst nightmare. Therefore, the last thing on their mind would be a legal process and the…

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