What Type of Injuries Are Most Common in Drunk Driving Crashes?

November 24, 2021

When people are involved in a drunk driving accident, they tend to suffer very serious injuries. They have no way to prepare for the impact. One minute they’re driving down the road and out of nowhere a drunk driver smashes into the side of the car. The drunk driver typically walks away from the accident unscathed. It’s the innocent victims who end up getting carted away to the hospital. That’s why they need to hire Columbia car accident lawyers to pursue the other driver for damages.

There’s no excuse for driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. All a person has to do is order an Uber or Lyft from their cell phones. Or they can sleep it off if they’re at a friend’s party. Even some bartenders will call a can for someone they can tell has had too much to drink.

So, when they decide to get behind the wheel after downing beers and shots, they’re taking their own lives and the lives of others into their hands. They know the risks and decide to drive drunk anyway. Columbia car accident lawyers have no sympathy for people who behave this way. They’re going to ask the court for compensatory damages, pain and suffering, and even punitive damages. After all you went through, that’s the least they can do.

The Victim Usually Suffers the Brunt of the Injuries

Studies have found that it’s the victims in drunk driving crashes who suffer the brunt of the injuries in these types of crashes. The drunk driver is still numb and doesn’t seem to suffer the same way the other driver does. They also have an idea of what’s about to happen before the innocent victim hears the shattering glass and metal grinding.

In some cases, the drunk driver is lucky enough to walk with either minor injuries or no injuries at all. Of course, they’re still taken to the hospital so the doctors can run a urine or blood test to see how much alcohol or drugs are in their system. If their suspicions are correct, the driver will be released from the hospital and carted off to the county jail.

Drunk Driving Accidents Can Cause Neck and Back Injuries

Oftentimes, victims in drunk driving cases end up with neck and back injuries. If the injuries are bad enough, they could end up in a wheelchair. This will change their entire lives. They may never be able to work again or go to school. For some parents, these injuries make it impossible to play with their kids or even pick them up.

This is the sort of injury that breaks Columbia car accident lawyers’ hearts. How do you put a price on something like this? The only thing your attorney can do is demand money for pain and suffering. If they’re lucky, the judge will also tack on punitive damages.

Traumatic Brain Injuries are Common with Drunk Driving Crashes

Aside from back and neck injuries, drunk driving victims also suffer traumatic brain injuries. These injuries can leave you paralyzed. It can make it impossible for the victim to ever speak again or communicate with their family. The doctors may be able to operate to fix this sort of injury, but they tend to have long-term ramifications. It could be some time before you’re able to return to work. Many victims end up on disability for the rest of their lives.

Your Columbia Car Accident Lawyer Must Prove Your Injuries

Very few people who are hit by a drunk driver don’t have to spend a lot of time convincing a judge or jury that they were at fault. As long as you have medical records to prove your injuries, your Columbia car accident lawyer won’t have a difficult dime demonstrating that you suffered enough injuries to warrant pain and suffering. It’s only a matter of time that they determine you’re entitled to punitive damages as well.

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