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Drunk Driving

Are You Really a Safe Driver? Habits that Good Drivers Avoid

safe driving

As local Columbia South Carolina car accident attorneys, we know what driving looks like. But, turn the focus beyond the positive? Are you really a safe driver, and do you know which habits good drivers avoid? You ain’t already have these down, but we’re going to Deep dive into some of the most common bad…

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Wine is Just as Dangerous – DUI Injuries and Recovery

breathalyzer test

We’ve all seen someone take down a few glasses of wine and then drive home like it was no big deal, either in person or on TV. So why is it that our relationship with wine seems so much different than our relationship with hard alcohol or beer? Wine has been made the lesser of…

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What Happens When You Didn’t Know The Driver Was Intoxicated?

drunk driving accident

It’s pretty surprising to find out that most victims of drunk drivers didn’t know that the other driver was intoxicated right away. They may have thought the other driver was speeding or even street racing. The victims of drunk drivers may have even suspected that the driver was under the influence but received no confirmation…

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Timeline on Settling Crashes with a Drunk Driver

driving while holding beer bottle

Many people worry about how long they’ll have to wait for a settlement. The internet certainly doesn’t help with its troves of misinformation. So we’re going to break down the process so you can have a somewhat clear timeline on what to expect. When you have a drunk driver involved, the entire resolution takes longer.…

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Why Did the Drunk Driver Who Hit You Get Off So Easy?

Drunk Driver

Even in Columbia, South Carolina, where the general outlook on DUIs is pretty negative, the punishments are hardly ever harsh. Drunk drivers get away with quite a lot in terms of not serving jail time and not facing penalties that they should face for their actions. You were hurt by a drunk driver, possibly your…

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