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Have You Or A Loved One Been Injured By An E-Cigarette In South Carolina?

personal injury attorney in Columbia SC

E-Cigarettes are a battery operated device that is designed to take the place of actual cigarettes for those who want to quit smoking for health reasons, but find it difficult – as most do – to give up the habit and the nicotine addiction. This is why E-Cigarettes were designed, as an alternative to smoking…

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Who Is Responsible For Your Slip and Fall Injury?

personal injury claim attorney in Kershaw County

Some of the most common personal injury cases that we see at the Connell Law Firm involve slip and fall injuries. Many people are naturally embarrassed after a slipping and falling down, especially in a public setting, such as a grocery store. For this reason, it is also not uncommon for victims of such injuries…

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Common South Carolina Medical Malpractice Cases

personal injury claim attorney in Kershaw Co

Earlier this year, a South Carolina jury awarded a former Air Force nurse, wife, and mother of three a total of $6.9 million in a medical malpractice suit. The victim filed the suit in 2013 when she discovered that she had Stage IV breast cancer, despite being previously told that a lump discovered in her…

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Receiving the Compensation You Deserve After a Work Injury

kershaw county personal injury attorney

Injuries at work happen all too often. While your workplace should be considered a safe place, sometimes accidents occur. If you have been hurt while on the job the result can be devastating. You may not be able to return to work while you are recovering and some injuries are so severe that they may…

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