Receiving the Compensation You Deserve After a Work Injury

April 26, 2016

Injuries at work happen all too often. While your workplace should be considered a safe place, sometimes accidents occur. If you have been hurt while on the job the result can be devastating. You may not be able to return to work while you are recovering and some injuries are so severe that they may cause permanent damage. Those who are hurt because of the negligence of another may seek compensation to cover the costs associated with their injuries.


Every Injury Is Different


Every injury or claim is different and has a unique set of circumstances and damages. For this reason it is difficult to compare claims and settlements with other those of other people. The law does provide for typical losses in workers’ compensation cases. There are maximum amounts allotted to different body parts injured in a work-related accident. This amount equates to the average weekly wages you earn. For example, the maximum allotment for an injured leg could be set at 200 weeks. To learn your maximum payment you would have to multiply this number by the maximum weekly compensation rate. Other losses apply if the accident causes permanent damage or loss of a limb.




Your doctor’s medical assessment will be the determining factor regarding impairment and disability. The law provides for impairment rankings that are based on the loss of mobility and strength caused by the accident. If the injury has impacted your ability to work there will also be a disability rating. These will vary greatly between patients depending on your specific injury as well as the type of work you perform. It is important to review these factors with your attorney before you decide to accept any type of settlement.


Ongoing Medical Treatment


Workers’ compensation claims provide for one of two choices. You may opt to keep your medical treatment payments open or you may choose to choose a final payment. There is a risk involved in choosing an immediate or final payment because your future medical treatment could be very costly. However, if you choose to keep the case open it could have a negative impact on your compensation recovery. These choices should be examined with help from a qualified attorney to help you understand both the advantages and disadvantages to each choice before you make a decision.


Settlement Negotiations


Most insurance companies are willing to negotiate your settlement. The best results are obtained with assistance from your attorney. Work injuries can be quite complicated and you must analyze your medical diagnosis and treatment along with all the laws that apply to cases of this type. You certainly want to make sure that you get enough money to cover all of your medical expenses both now and in the future as well as money to pay bills while you are recovering. You deserve to get the maximum compensation possible for the harm that was done. Contact the experienced Kershaw personal injury legal team at Connell Law Firm to schedule a consultation.