Are You Really a Safe Driver? Habits that Good Drivers Avoid

October 2, 2020

As local Columbia South Carolina car accident attorneys, we know what driving looks like. But, turn the focus beyond the positive? Are you really a safe driver, and do you know which habits good drivers avoid? You ain’t already have these down, but we’re going to Deep dive into some of the most common bad habits that happened behind the wheel. These can only lead to multi-vehicle accidents, but single-car accidents and minor collisions as well.

Being a safe driver is much more than being passive on the road. In fact, driving can lead to accidents too. Instead, avoid these bad habits and employ the good ideas behind Defensive Driving. Knowing your way around the road and confidently taking charge and taking action when necessary to avoid an accident. Avoiding these habits can set you miles ahead of most drivers on the road and help you avoid accidents through simple mindfulness.

Texting and Other Forms of Phone Used

Texting, modifying your GPS, using FaceTime, using music apps such as Spotify or iTunes, and many other tasks you perform on your phone are illegal in South Carolina. The trouble is that the initial fine for doing any of these things is $25. All fines after the first offense are $50. An officer cannot arrest someone for using their phone behind the wheel. An officer can’t stop someone to write them a ticket for phone use unless they have probable cause if there’s another violation.

When South Carolina put their “use of cell phone while operating a motor vehicle” statute into place, we all thought it would be very effective. It’s clearly not. So here we are in 2020, seven years after legislative action began for banning the use of cellphones while behind the wheel. And there are still more people on their phone while driving than people whizzing down the street without their phone in hand.

If you truly want to be a safe driver, set up your GPS before you start driving, set up your music or entertainment before you start driving and silence your phone so you’re not tempted to check in on those text notifications or phone calls.

Unruly Children and Passenger

Many people can confidently, and with ease, carry a conversation while driving. That’s not the issue. The issue is when passengers and children become so unruly that you can’t open on the road, and that’s where safe drivers draw a line.

Drinking and Driving

How many people have voiced that they haven’t driven drunk, but they’ve driven buzzed? How many adults roll their eyes or make snarky comments about the billboards that read “Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving.” The primary issue with this buzzed driving, drunk driving debate, is that while one drink can leave someone perfectly able to drive at full capacity, that same drink can knock another driver out.

Alcohol affects different bodies in different ways, and the idea is that even one drink before driving could open the possibility of an accident. It opens in the possibility of an accident because decision-making is impaired, even if mildly impaired, and response times are limited. Drunk driving accidents don’t always involve people that are over the legal limit. The legal limit is the cap where people are going to face criminal charges for choosing to drink and drive.

So what can you do as a safe driver? Call an Uber or Lyft. Or, work it out with friends to arrange for a designated driver. Better yet, stay over at your friend’s house, if that’s where you were drinking, so no one has to drive anywhere.

Connell Law – Helping Victims of Drunk Driving Accidents

At the call law offices in Columbia, South Carolina, we put our focus on helping the victims of drunk driving crashes. The victims of drunk driving accidents usually don’t get the attention that they need or deserve after a collision. The focus instead is usually put on the at-fault driver, and while criminal charges and general public shame should certainly help deter repeat drunk driving accidents, they don’t help the victim.

We’re here to advocate for your needs. Call Connell Law for local drunk driving victim assistance. Our skilled attorneys know that you do your best behind-the-wheel to avoid accidents and to be a mindful driver. The other driver taking such risks as driving or using substances and then getting behind the wheel wasn’t fair to you, and it put you and everyone else on the road in danger. Having an assertive attorney, it’s the start to a fair resolution.