OUI Vs. DUI in Columbia, SC: What’s The Difference?

March 14, 2022

DUI in Columbia, SC, and OUI have almost the same meaning. They can be used interchangeably when referring to a normal driving case having issues. There can be several cases in which both are used by people. For the case of DUI in Columbia, SC, people often do not understand the difference between DUI and OUI. Though both of the terminologies are used widely some people think that they are different while some people think that they both are the same.

According to Responsibility.org, an official website for Columbia, SC’s road stats, back in 2018 there was a total of 9 fatalities due to impaired driving under the influence of alcohol by state. The total percentage of alcohol-impaired driving in the state of Columbia was 29%. This shows that there is a huge amount of the population using alcohol while driving. People usually do not take care of the basic rules and regulations while driving.

This norm takes away the lives of many people all around the world. To control this, different laws have different names and titles. The cases having problems of the people driving under the influence of alcohol is entitled DUI. Whereas the cases where people operate their vehicles while being under influence of alcohol are subjected to OUI.

The basic difference lies in the names of both. DUI in Columbia means driving under influence of alcohol while OUI means operating the vehicle under influence of alcohol. The use of both terminologies depends on how the state allows the lawmakers to use each of the terms.

Let’s dig into the details of the situation where each term can be used if you are involved in a case where you drove while being drunk.

Helpful Notes from a Columbia Car Accident Lawyer for a OUI or DUI in Columbia:

If you have ever been involved in such a case where driving under influence was your fault, you should know some major points. DUI is all about driving your vehicle while you were drunk. You can get into an intense case where you hit someone in that condition. Even if the traffic police catch you being drunk and driving, you are in danger.

Now you need to decide what action you can take to tackle the problems related to DUI and OUI convictions. The law and condition depend upon your state. If your state supports DUI conviction law then you should hire a lawyer who knows how to deal with such cases. The use of DUI and OUI depends on the law state. Different states have different laws and each terminology is used according to the policy.

In general, both are logically and technically the same. They both have the same meaning and they both can be used at the time of charging the one at fault.

How Accident Attorneys Columbia, SC Can Help You in DUI or OUI Cases:

Well, if you get into some conviction like OUI and DUI, you have to ensure a few major things. First of all, do not get confused about which conviction you can be charged with. The police can charge with any conviction. DUI and OUI are both applicable in cases where you are driving under some influence.

If you are confirmed to be driving while you were not in your senses, the traffic police have every right to charge you with any of the conviction cases. You have to understand that the DUI in Columbia or OUI conviction is almost the same and you might be charged with either of them.

In many states, DUI in Columbia is used commonly, in many states people use OUI because they think that the concepts of driving and operating are different.

Sometimes, by OUI, they mean a scenario that happens often. Let’s assume that you have your damaged vehicle and you take your vehicle to a shop for a service. The one operating and dealing with the vehicle has consumed a heavy amount of alcohol and they are not in their senses while giving their services.

Due to them being out of their senses, it is possible that the vehicle is not serviced properly, the mechanic might have done the opposite of what they should have done for the good service. Later your vehicle acts abnormal and you meet an accident. In this case, few states might declare it to be the case of OUI.

So if you ever feel the need to consult a professional person to help you with such convictions, you should reach out to us at your earliest. We are always here to serve you with the best because we believe in our Columbia accident lawyers to provide you justice.