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Is There a Way to Prove Another Driver Was Texting and Driving in Elgin, SC?

texting and driving car accident-lawyer-Elgin SC

Although Elgin, South Carolina is the scene of fewer car accidents than the nearby city of Columbia, collisions still occur on Interstate 20, SC Highway 12, or US Route 1. Most of them have distracted driving as the main cause, especially texting and driving. Unfortunately, liability for texting and driving car accidents is quite difficult…

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Is It Normal to Experience Headaches After a Car Crash?

Car badly damaged from wreck

If you have developed headaches after a car crash in Elgin, SC, they are probably the result of an injury or several injuries you sustained. The cause of a headache is closely related to its type. Before we discuss the common types of headaches car accident victims experience, there are two things you should consider…

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Car Accident Causes

Kershaw County, SC car crash injury claim lawyer

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) publishes a yearly report on the number of car crashes that occur across the nation every year. According to the IIHS, in 2014, 824 South Carolina residents tragically lost their lives in car crashes. Unfortunately, most accidents would have been completely avoidable, but for the negligent actions of…

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Pedestrian Accidents Are On the Rise

kershaw county car accident lawyer

Pedestrians should feel safe as they walk on the sidewalk and across the street; however, a recent report finds that pedestrian deaths and injuries are rising. The report, issued by the Governors Highway Safety Association, GHSA, indicates that pedestrian fatalities from auto accidents actually rose by 10 percent in 2015 over the previous year. The…

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Unsafe Trucks Are a Concern to Safe Drivers

columbia south carolina auto accident injury lawyer

There are millions of trucks on the road. While there are many laws in place to try to keep trucks safe, truck safety is still a concern. Every year there are thousands of accidents that are caused by unsafe truck conditions. A recent accident happened when a truck lost a wheel that bounced around and…

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