How Much Is Whiplash Worth in a South Carolina Car Accident Lawsuit?

April 11, 2024

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries that can occur in a car crash, even when a vehicle is driving slowly. Exactly how serious is a whiplash injury and what is it worth in a lawsuit? A Camden car accident lawyer and your physician can shed more light on this important topic. Additionally, check out these whiplash-related facts to get ready for legal proceedings.

The Typical Amount of a Whiplash Settlement

The South Carolina Department of Public Safety reports that 956 fatal crashes occurred over the course of 2023, killing 1,028 people. Even when crashes don’t have a fatal outcome, there will still be serious repercussions.

The number of people injured in car crashes in 2021 reached 53,588, the South Carolina Triennial Highway Safety Plan suggests. Of those, 2,974 were serious injuries. Head, back, broken bone injuries, and whiplash ranked among the most commonly sustained injuries.

The average settlement for whiplash injuries sustained in a car crash can vary significantly. In most instances, the sum will be in the range of 6,000 to 20,000 dollars. The severity of the trauma and the fact it can lead to permanent disability, however, will sometimes result in much larger amounts.

Sums exceeding 100,000 dollars can be awarded whenever the injury is deemed life-changing in a negative way. Recorded instances of compensation exceeding one million dollars exist, especially when the whiplash injury caused permanent disability.

neck injuries are very common in car accidents

Factors That Affect the Whiplash Compensation You’ll Be Entitled To

Keep in mind that averages are just numbers that give you a generic representation of available compensations for whiplash injuries. Your case has its specifics that you need to discuss with your South Carolina car accident lawyer.

The most important factors that will determine how much you’ll be entitled to include:

  • The severity of the injury: Obviously, this is the biggest factor that will contribute to variations in the whiplash settlement. The more severe and life-altering your injury is, the more of a compensation you can expect.
  • Whether the injury leads to permanent disabilities: Some people will luckily recover fully from a serious neck injury sustained in a car crash. Others, however, will need to accept lifelong consequences. Whiplash injuries that lead to permanent disability will typically result in bigger compensation amounts.
  • Insurance policy specifics: The insurance policy terms and conditions also matter. In addition, keep in mind that South Carolina is an at-fault state when it comes to injury liability coverage. Because of that fact, you may not get a chance to file a car accident lawsuit unless the cost of medical treatment exceeds the insurance coverage in your policy.
  • Other injuries and damages resulting from the car crash: Whiplash is rarely the only injury people will sustain in a car crash. It’s often accompanied by bone fractures, back injuries, neck injuries, and even spinal cord injuries. The amount you’ll be rewarded depends on the cumulative effects of all these traumas and the way they’re bound to impact your life in the future.
  • Your involvement in the crash: South Carolina is a modified comparative negligence state. This means that your fault in the accident could play a role in reducing the amount you’ll be awarded in a lawsuit.

The Skills and Experience of Your Legal Representative Matter!

As you can see, calculating the compensation amount isn’t easy. Numerous complexities and intricacies are involved in receiving optimal compensation for your pain, suffering, and the potentially permanent life changes resulting from the whiplash injury.

This is the main reason why you need to start looking for a very skilled and experienced Camden car accident attorney as soon as possible. Your legal representative will review the crash specifics, your medical records, and all the other factors that will have an effect on the lawsuit.

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