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Personal Injury

What Does Diminished Earning Capacity Mean in South Carolina?

Personal Injury Lawyer South Carolina Camden

In addition to the compensation you receive as the result of a personal injury lawsuit to pay your medical expenses, there is also compensation available for estimated costs. For instance, your attorney will estimate a value related to your pain and suffering, based on cases that are similar to yours and on the opinions of…

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Do You Have a Slip and Fall Injury Claim in Columbia, South Carolina

personal injury attorney in Columbia SC

Some of most frequently encountered personal injury claims at the Connell Law Firm are premises liability claims, and among them, slip and fall injury claims. These are the claims that an injured person pursues when they slip or trip and fall on someone else’s property and sustain injuries and financial damages. There are a variety…

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Medical Malpractice Personal Injury Claims Arise from Doctor Selfies

personal injury lawyer in Columbia SC

You should be able to trust your doctor to be professional and attentive to their work when you are in the vulnerable position of a patient. Whether you’re getting a procedure, having a child, or being treated for an illness, your physician should give you the benefit of their full attention and respect your right…

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Ongoing Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury on Children and Adults

Elgin South Carolina personal injury attorney

A traumatic brain injury can occur in many different kinds of accidents, including auto accidents, bicycle accidents, workplace accidents, playground and sports accidents, and more. They can range from the very mild, such as concussions, to the very severe, as in cases where the head is struck hard or penetrated by an object. Even the…

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Deciding When To Hire a South Carolina Personal Injury Lawyer

personal injury law lawyer in Columbia SC

When you’ve been injured through someone else’s negligence, whether it is an auto accident, a premises liability claim, or any other type of personal injury claim, the last thing you want to do is to hesitate to take action. The longer you wait to contact an attorney and/or pursue a personal injury claim, the more…

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Common Mistakes Made in Personal Injury Claims in SC

personal injury claim lawyer in Columbia SC

At Connell Law, our South Carolina personal injury attorneys are well versed in representing victims of personal injuries throughout the state. Most personal injury victims just want justice and the compensation that is rightfully owed to them to cover their medical care, lost wages, and other damages. The sad reality is, however, that many people…

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