Nursing Home Neglect in Columbia: Are Bedsores a Sign?

March 2, 2022

Nursing home neglect happens more often than many people are willing to admit. There is a belief that nursing homes can provide a higher level of care than could be provided by a relative or other healthcare professional. Many residents in these facilities suffer from medical complexities such as pressure sores due to a lack of trained staff and other issues. If you or a loved one is experiencing nursing home neglect in Columbia, SC contact our attorneys.

The average cost of these stays for stage two or higher pressure ulcers is $16,000 per patient, who, because of the precarious nature of bedsore injuries in the elderly, will often need an additional eight to nine days in an extremely costly hospital setting.

The Following Information About Pressure Sores May Hurt Your Loved One:

Sadly, painful pressure sores can be a warning sign of neglect in nursing homes and are one of the most common and preventable injuries. Nursing home residents may initially not consider a pressure sore serious. It can appear as small red marks on an area of skin that is in constant contact with objects such as bedding.

Pressure sores can develop as a result of repeated contact with objects such as bedding. When a wound reaches a dangerous and painful stage, it should be revealed to a family member. But this is almost always too late for any patient and it can be a sad situation. In most cases, by then the wound has damaged so much skin that the underlying tissues, such as bone, have been exposed. These injuries will provide you with an extensive picture of the extent of medical issues that are impacting your loved one’s health. Medical attention is often needed to treat pressure sores as they can cause severe infections, a general decline in health, unnecessary emotional distress, physical pain, and even death if not taken care of.

While new treatment options for bedsores are becoming available, pressure ulcer treatment still requires hours of care staff time, making these facilities more susceptible to bedsores as they are mostly understaffed and under-equipped.

The Four Stages of Bed Sores-According to Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers:

The National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel has determined that there are four stages between the appearance of a pressure ulcer. Initially, the pressure ulcer is superficial but may be discolored and hot, and then it becomes ruptured, making it more visible. When a wound has penetrated the skin to underlying fat tissue, it is called the third stage of the wound. In the fourth stage, the wound has reached the muscle and possibly even the bone.

Oftentimes, pressure ulcers can become infected once they reach stage III or IV. If an elderly patient’s immune system has already weakened, these infections can be very dangerous. These wounds must be cleaned regularly and appropriately treated. As well as taking antibiotics to fight an impending infection, the patient could experience serious and even fatal medical problems if the infection worsens.

If pressure sores become worse, they require exponentially more treatment, so the best way to prevent them is to avoid them. If your loved one is facing nursing home neglect in Columbia, SC, call us.


Those whose family members or friends have developed a pressure ulcer while in a nursing home or rehabilitation facility may be unsure of how to respond. The following list of questions can help you learn more about nursing homes and how you can support your loved one’s recovery.

  • What is the severity and stage of the ulcer?
  • What was the treatment plan following the first discovery of the wound?
  • What was the length of time the resident was left in bed without being repositioned?
  • Is the wound being properly cared for and attended to?
  • Are there ways to prevent the sores from occurring?

Is there anything you plan to do to cure this disease in the future? Additionally, request a review of the standards of care practiced by basic hygiene staff and notify the local ombudsman if any violations of these basic principles are suspected. The time might be right to consult with an experienced pressure ulcer attorney who will help you sort out any unpleasant findings.

Free Consultations Are Available from Nursing Home Neglect Attorneys:

A pressure sore may have occurred in a nursing facility while you or someone close to you were living there. If so, contact us for a no-obligation-free consultation. Our nursing home lawyers do not get paid unless we recover money for you or your loved one. Reach out to us today.