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What to Do if You Experience a Headache Following an Auto Accident in Columbia, South Carolina

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Headaches are among the most frequently seen complaints after any kind of personal injury accident. In fact, many people experience severe headaches without any known causal event. Yet, when someone experiences a headache after a Columbia, South Carolina, auto accident, the situation warrants further investigation. Even if you are used to getting headaches, even if…

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When Liability in a Columbia, SC Auto Accident is Unclear

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Not all auto accident claims have clear and apparent liability. Although many incidents involve an obviously intoxicated driver, clear evidence of distraction, or outright disregarded laws and traffic signals, there are plenty of others that are nowhere near as obvious, and liability can become a subject of serious dispute. The other driver may deny fault.…

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Establishing Fault in South Carolina Auto Accident Claims

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It can be difficult to establish and prove fault in a South Carolina auto accident. While some cases are fairly clear cut, others are more complex with details that are challenging to determine and prove. Every case is unique, and you may find yourself in the unenviable position of one who cannot prove the fault…

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Making Sense of Insurance Laws in Your South Carolina Car Accident Claim

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In South Carolina, the laws and requirements for auto insurance are clear cut and based on fault. Whomever is at fault for the auto accident is liable for the damages, and that driver’s auto insurance is tasked with covering the expenses and damages associated with the accident and injuries. Yet, the power of auto insurance…

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Determining Responsibility in South Carolina Car Crashes

Columbia South Carolina car accident injury claim lawyer

Recently, a South Carolina resident tragically lost her life in a car crash when another driver operating a company car crossed the centerline and struck her SUV head-on. The victim’s four year old grandson, who was also a passenger, suffered a broken nose, a broken pelvis, and head trauma. The responsible party is facing felony…

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South Carolina Car Accidents

Columbia SC auto crash injury claim attorney

Driving is a necessary part of many people’s day-to-day lives. Some require vehicles to travel to and from work, while others need them to transport their children to school and extracurricular activities, or to perform daily tasks. The resulting increasing number of cars on the road has led to a recent spike in car accidents.…

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How Safe Are Mopeds?

Columbia SC car wreck attorney

Mopeds are two-wheeled motorized vehicles that are similar to motorcycles. Mopeds are also sometimes called scooters. By law in South Carolina, mopeds cannot have motors that are larger than 50ccs and cannot travel at a speed greater than 30 mph. Mopeds are allowed to be driven on streets in South Carolina as long as the…

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