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Medical Malpractice: When Doctors Cause Injuries

In a perfect world, doctors would always be the professionals curing injuries and illnesses. In reality, sometimes doctors cause more harm than good. A doctor may face a claim for potential liability by failing to diagnose a condition, diagnosing the wrong condition, making a surgical error, prescribing the wrong medication, or causing errors as a…

Birth Injuries and Liability

The birth of a newborn child marks a significant milestone in the lives of new parents. However, complications during birthing procedures can leave the newborn child traumatized, deformed, or stillborn. Often times in these types of situations, parents will be riddled with the pain and emotions that stem from giving birth to an injured child.…

Whiplash: The Injury that Never Fades

Car accidents are daunting experiences for all parties involved. They are referred to as “accidents” because no one wants to be involved in a crash, especially one that results in an injury. But the reality is that car accidents occur each day. In fact, there were 5,657,000 car accidents in 2013, with 30,057 resulting in…

Driverless Cars: The Future is Now!

We live in an age of seemingly endless technological innovation. Watch an episode of the Jetsons from decades ago, and you will catch a glimpse of what we thought the future might hold: flying cars, robotic maids, and handheld computers. Today, we live in a society where nearly two-thirds of Americans own smart phones, three-dimensional…

Punitive Damages in South Carolina

Car accident cases can be fatal and traumatic. Typically, the purpose of insurance claims and civil lawsuits following an accident is to compensate the victim for his or her injuries, and to make that person “whole” in the eyes of the law. In certain situations, courts will go above and beyond simply compensating a victim…

Determining Fault in South Carolina

When adjudicating a car accident claim, courts lie in either a no-fault jurisdiction, or an at-fault jurisdiction. South Carolina is a “fault” state, which is also referred to as a “tort liability” state. In fault states, the plaintiff must shoulder the burden of establishing that the defendant was at fault for the accident and liable…