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Columbia Boating Accident Kills One, Man Charged With Felony BUI

The weekend boating retreat at Lake Murray turned into a tragedy for a family of three when another boat crashed into them. The accident took place on Saturday, September 21 at Lake Murray in Columbia. Columbia boating accident kills one, man charged with felony BUI. It resulted in the death of Stanley Virgil Kiser, 68, who…

How Long Should You Wait to Report Suspected Nursing Home Abuse?

Some people spent months or years debating whether or not to put their loved one into a nursing home, people also struggle with the question of how long should you wait to report suspected nursing home abuse? It can be one of the hardest decisions you ever make. You do a lot of research before…

2 Cases of Terrible Treatment of the Elderly in South Carolina

In a perfect world, you wouldn’t need an elder abuse lawyer in Columbia, South Carolina. The thought of people purposely hurting an older person is enough to make you sick. Unfortunately, it happens all the time. When someone decides to work in nursing or medicine, you would hope they have a passion for helping people.…

Teen Cleared of DUI After Blood Test Results Returned

A teen from South Carolina who was initially charged with DUI after a crash in May which resulted in the death a friend of hers has had the charges dismissed after the results of the blood test were returned. Circuit Solicitor Walt Wilkins explained that a judge threw out the case on Tuesday, August 13th…

Who to Pursue if Your Limo Driver Gets into a Drunk Driving Accident?

Imagine that you and your friends are going out to dinner and a concert. You know everyone will be drinking so you all chip in and hire a limo driver. You have front row tickets and you want to arrive at the concert in style. The ride to the concert is uneventful. You get there…

How Hard is it to Prove Fault in a Drunk Driving Accident?

There are over a million people arrested for drunk driving in this country every year. And, this number doesn’t include the over 100 million cases of self-reported drunk driving. This means the number of people injured in drunk driving accidents in South Carolina are dangerously high. A lot of people think that, if the defendant…