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Suing a Nursing Home in Columbia for Restraint-Related Injuries

You can sue a nursing home in Columbia for abusive treatment with your loved ones. Nursing homes are established to provide care and support to old and sick people. Elderly and needful individuals should always be treated carefully as well as with dignity and respect. There should be no abuse in the nursing home. According…

Placing a Camera in Nursing Homes in Columbia, SC

Nursing homes can be questionable environments. When you send your loved one to a nursing home, the fear of them not getting better care stays in your head. In such timings, installing a camera in nursing homes in Columbia, SC may seem like a safe and reassuring option. Even if it is for their betterment,…

How to Avoid Drunk Driving Accidents During the Holiday Season

Drunk driving accidents don’t take a break for holidays, sadly. The coming days of Thanksgiving and Christmas are all about spreading happiness and celebration. Family outings, gathering at a relative’s place, and night outs are all very common during this holiday season. Such gatherings involve games, delicious meals, desserts, beverages, and much more. However, many…

What Happens if the Defendant Claims You Were at Fault?

If you were to ask both drivers in a car accident who was at fault, they would both point at the other person. Nobody ever wants to admit that they caused an accident. Nobody wants to admit that they did something wrong in general. This is only magnified ten-fold when there is a car crash…

What Type of Injuries Are Most Common in Drunk Driving Crashes?

When people are involved in a drunk driving accident, they tend to suffer very serious injuries. They have no way to prepare for the impact. One minute they’re driving down the road and out of nowhere a drunk driver smashes into the side of the car. The drunk driver typically walks away from the accident…

How to Prove Negligence at a Hospital or Nursing Home

Medical professionals like nurses and doctors are the primary responders to any healthcare emergency. Society owes them for their expertise and skill, but what happens when these medical professionals breach their solemn duty to care for the patient? Read along to know all about negligence at a hospital and the legal remedies available to patients…