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How Can You Tell if Your Loved One is the Victim of Nursing Home Neglect in Columbia, SC?

It’s not easy to decide to move your loved one into a nursing home. Little by little, you realize that your mom or dad is in worse shape than you originally thought. You may see that they can no longer take care of themselves physically. Or, they’re at risk of harming themselves. They leave the…

Worker Dies after Falling from Fourth Story at Midlands-area Factory

Orangeburg County Coroner’s Office informed that a South Carolina man lost his life in a cement factory workplace accident. Lennox W. Hinckson was working at the Holcim Cement Plant in Holly Hill on Tuesday. The sixty-five-year-old resident of North Charleston lost his life in an accidental death. The reasons are still not presented in detail.…

Make Sure You Do Your Research Before Selecting a Nursing Home in South Carolina

If you’ve decided that it’s time to move your loved one into a nursing home, you have some work to do. When you’re selecting a nursing home, you don’t want to just pick the name of a facility off of the internet. You need to do your research. Ideally, once you move them into a…

Man Kills a Toddler in Hit-And-Run Accident

A hit-and-run accident occurred on Sunday in Laurens County that killed one and injured two others. Man kills a toddler in the hit-and-run accident. The victim of the fatal accident is a seventeen-month-old toddler Ayvah Samuel. South Carolina Highway Patrol informed that thirty-year-old Adrian Daniel Brown was driving a 1966 Dodge pickup. He was stirring…

What Types of Injuries are Caused by Drunk Driving Accidents in South Carolina?

There is absolutely no excuse for anyone to drink and drive. With the availability of Lyft and Uber, anyone, at any time, can call for a ride. But that doesn’t mean people still don’t do it. There are thousands of people injured or killed in this country by drunk driving accidents every year. And despite…

Lexington County Man Dies after Crashing Into Utility Pole

A man from Lexington County died on the scene after crashing his pickup truck into a utility pole. The accident occurred on Sunday night, South Carolina Highway Patrol informed. The accident happened about 8 p.m. on U.S. 378, on the location where the highway connects with U.S. 1, or West Main Street, Cpl. Sonny. The…