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How Hard is it for Your Columbia Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer to Prove Financial Abuse?

It can be difficult to prove any sort of nursing home abuse in South Carolina. Nobody ever wants to make this sort of allegation. And, once they do, they aren’t sure how to follow up. If you suspect that your mom or dad is the victim of financial abuse in Columbia, make sure to call…

Does Your Employer Investigate Elderly Abuse Allegations from the Elderly?

Elderly abuse allegations should always be taken seriously. Maybe as a concerned adult, you reported to your employer you suspected there is elderly abuse within the medical facility. Or, perhaps as a medical professional, you’ve seen signs or symptoms of elderly abuse and reported it the way you should. But what happened after that? Nurses,…

Will the Other Driver Need to Hire an Attorney Too?

It seems strange, but it’s extremely common to have a victim asked if the other driver will hire an attorney as well. The good news is that in most situations the at-fault driver already has a legal representation. Victims can take some peace in knowing that they will often only pay contingency fees in the…

Bedsores and Other Injuries from Neglect

To some degree, many families are led to believe that bedsores are just a common wound that the elderly experience when they are in a nursing home or long-term care. However, bedsores or other injuries from neglect are completely preventable. They are caused as a result of unrelieved pressure against the skin and are often…

Are You Really a Safe Driver? Habits that Good Drivers Avoid

As local Columbia South Carolina car accident attorneys, we know what driving looks like. But, turn the focus beyond the positive? Are you really a safe driver, and do you know which habits good drivers avoid? You ain’t already have these down, but we’re going to Deep dive into some of the most common bad…

Nursing Home Opioid Over-Prescribing

There are two crises currently plaguing the nation that families are feeling on a very personal level. While COVID-19 and other national news are grabbing the majority of attention, the nursing home abuse and neglect crisis has fallen by the wayside. The other crisis that prior to 2020 was grabbing headlines almost weekly is the…