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Ask a South Carolina Car Accident Lawyer: Can You Sue Someone for Damages if They Were Acquitted of Drunk Driving Charges in Columbia?

Any South Carolina car accident lawyer will tell you, there is no excuse for drunk driving. Years ago, people had to get a designated driver if they were going out for a night of partying. When anti-drunk driving campaigns first became popular, they urged people to find a designated driver rather than drink and drive.…

Can Your Columbia Car Accident Lawyer Demand Punitive Damages in Your Drunk Driving Case?

One question a lot of drunk driving accident victims ask is what kind of damages their lawyer can get them. Punitive damages are among those that may qualify. However, before your Columbia car accident lawyer starts talking about damages, they need to be able to prove fault. Of course, if the defendant was convicted of…

How to Determine Fault in South Carolina Car Accidents

Suppose you were in a car accident in South Carolina. How do you prove fault for the collision? Who figures this out, and how do you begin seeking compensation for the injuries and losses you suffered because of it? Hiring a car accident lawyer is the first step to determine fault in South Carolina traffic…

How to Choose a South Carolina Nursing Home

As legal professionals, we know that choosing a South Carolina nursing home can be an overwhelming—and even scary—process for residents and families alike. But by preparing a list of the qualities you want and the questions you must ask, your loved one will soon be on the road to moving into a new home where…

Nursing Home Abuse Myths: What You Should and Should Not Believe

No one wants to believe their loved one can suffer from nursing home abuse. But the truth is that it does happen—to over 5,000,000 nursing home residents each year, in fact; that equates to 1 in 10 seniors over the age of 60. But what abuse myths surround these statistics? How can you tell if…

What to Do When You Spot a Drunk Driver in South Carolina During the Holidays

Drunk drivers cause approximately 40% of fatal accidents, with over 25,000 people injured in alcohol-related crashes every year. But during the holidays, those statistics get alarmingly worse. As accident lawyers, we’re acutely aware of the increase. Here is a look at holiday drunk driving statistics, how to spot drunk drivers during the holidays, and what…