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What Are the Different Types of Nursing Home Abuse in South Carolina?

More and more lately, we see advertisements on television saying to contact a nursing home abuse attorney. This is partly because more people live in nursing homes now than ever before. It’s also because people are getting better at spotting nursing home neglect and abuse. If your loved one is living in a nursing home,…

Why Are Drunk Driving Accidents So Dangerous?

All car accidents are dangerous. Even minor accidents can cause property damage and bodily injury. However, very few accidents cause the kind of injuries you find with drunk driving accidents. There are many reasons for this. Drunk driving, by its very nature, usually involves reckless drivers. People get behind the wheel with absolutely no regard for other…

Is a South Carolina Nursing Home Liable for Injuries Caused by Another Resident?

When we think of nursing home abuse, we usually think of neglect or abuse by a caregiver. But, not all nursing home abuse cases involve staff members. Sometimes, the abuse comes at the hand of another resident. Most people who enter a nursing home are weak and feeble, correct? Well, the answer is not so…

Can I Use Proof of a DUI in my Car Accident Case?

Some of the most dangerous car accident involving drinking and driving. These days, when we talk about drunk driving, we have to take into account drugs. There are more and more accidents being caused by drug use every day. Victims in drunk-driving accidents suffer very serious injuries. Because the other driver is drunk, they may…

Can a Nursing Home Get Away with Abusing My Loved One in Columbia, South Carolina?

Over the years, nursing homes have become more popular. It’s not like it was decades ago when people thought putting your parents in a nursing home was an awful thing to do. Because of this, there are more nursing homes and assisted living facilities than ever before. This also means that some people who don’t…

How to Estimate Future Loss from a Traumatic Brain Injury

Many factors go into estimating projected future loss from a traumatic brain injury. The most important components are special damages and general damages. These damages are combined and a formula is used to estimate the losses which may occur in the future. If you or loved one suffered a TBI, you should consult an auto…