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How to Take Action Against Medical Staff that Failed to Report Pneumonia

Pneumonia is something that can take down the elderly and very young with very little effort. In fact, it’s such a big risk for elderly patients that doctors demand immediate notice when a patient or nursing home resident displays any signs of pneumonia. But, if someone failed to report the pneumonia, then you’re likely wondering…

Can I Sue a Driver for Wrongful Death if My Spouse Died in a DUI Collision?

If someone’s spouse dies in a DUI Crash, it going to be traumatizing and startling. No one can ever truly prepare for these types of losses, and in most cases, the surviving spouse is left confused and alone. It’s nothing to take lightly, but the only hope for many is that you can file a…

One Dead in a Motorcycle Crash on Clemson Road

One person lost their life in a motorcycle accident on Clemson Road. According to South Carolina Highway Patrol Corporal Sonny Collins, the accident occurred around 1:26 p.m. A 2017 Kawasaki motorcycle was going westbound on Clemson Road when a 2008 Toyota driving eastbound attempted to make a left hand turn onto Salisbury Lane and hit…

How Can Sexual Abuse Happen at a Nursing Home?

It’s startling to learn that your disabled family member or family elder suffered sexual abuse in a nursing home facility. It may seem unlikely, and even local police may question the allegations. When it comes to sexual abuse, you’ll find that many people are quick to question the actuality or the reality of the claims.…

South Carolina Patrol Car Involved in an Accident

A trooper with the South Carolina Highway Patrol was involved in an accident on Monday afternoon. The accidents happened on Catawba Street near Serpentine Driver around 2 p.m. troopers informed. So far, there are no more details about the accident. No person was injured in this crash. The collision occurred near the Spartanburg Regional Medical…

Who Do I Need to Talk to About Nursing Home Abuse?

Nursing home abuse awareness is on the rise, and it’s clear that for decades co-residents and staff members have been abusing the elderly in nursing homes. Nursing home abuse is extremely serious, and not something that should ever be downplayed. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happens when families report the abuse to the facility. Should you…