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OUI Vs. DUI in Columbia, SC: What’s The Difference?

DUI in Columbia, SC, and OUI have almost the same meaning. They can be used interchangeably when referring to a normal driving case having issues. There can be several cases in which both are used by people. For the case of DUI in Columbia, SC, people often do not understand the difference between DUI and…

Nursing Home Neglect in Columbia: Are Bedsores a Sign?

Nursing home neglect happens more often than many people are willing to admit. There is a belief that nursing homes can provide a higher level of care than could be provided by a relative or other healthcare professional. Many residents in these facilities suffer from medical complexities such as pressure sores due to a lack…

Columbia Nursing Homes: Liability for Feeding Tube Injuries

Our elderly loved ones often face medical issues as they grow older. This is why it is of utmost importance for Columbia nursing homes to provide professional and well-managed medical care for their in-house patients, as small incidents of negligence can lead to huge consequences that may even be life-threatening. Staff in Columbia nursing homes…

DUI in Columbia: The Reasons to Avoid Them

Imagine it is some big event in your life and there is a big party. You and your friends had about six beers and are now driving away from the party. Unexpectedly, you see the blue and red lights of a cop car pulling you over to the curb and charging you for DUI in…

Nursing Home in Columbia: Are They Overmedicating?

People trust nursing homes in Columbia, SC to care for their loved ones. Many nursing homes provide residents with excellent care and have skilled, kind nurses who can make them feel better and help them improve their health. However, some nursing home staff can neglect or even abuse the elderly people under their care. According to…

The Physical and Emotional Effects of Drunk Driving Accidents

For decades, many people have died or gotten injured because of drunk driving accidents in Columbia, SC. It is stated that around 28 people die in the United States daily due to mishaps that involve drunk drivers. Each year, Americans have been reported to spend billions of dollars in the aftermath of drunk driving accidents.…