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Bridge in Spartanburg Destroyed After Hit by Semi-Truck

March 30, 2020

Motorists were detoured away from the SC-110 bridge Monday afternoon. On Monday at about 3:40 pm, a semi-truck hit the bridge. It caused a lot of structural damage to the bridge. It was deemed unsafe for other motorists. This area has now been added to the Interstate-85 Widening Project.

In the meantime, road crews are building a replacement bridge that can be used while the project is being completed. The crash happened near mile marker 83 in Spartanburg. Traffic was diverted away from the overpass so no other motorists would be hurt.

The Mayo Area Fire District confirmed that the truck was driving illegally. It had too large a load and this is why they believe it hit the structure. There was no information provided on what company the semi-truck belonged to. Nor did they provide any information regarding the medical condition of the truck driver.

Thankfully, no other motorists were injured in the crash. It was only one truck involved. The police were able to shut down the bridge before anyone else was hurt.

Typically, in cases like this, we see a chain reaction where dozens of people are hurt. The South Carolina Department of Transportation reacted quickly and efficiently. They said they are working with engineers to try to get the new bridge up as quickly as possible.

Authorities did confirm that the truck was operating illegally. There is the chance that the trucking company and the driver may be cited for these violations. This is why these crashes are so dangerous. When a truck is overloaded and gets into an accident, people are injured and even killed.

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