What to Do If Nursing Home Abuse Causes a Death

November 30, 2018

It is heartbreaking to learn that an elderly person has died because of nursing home abuse. However, it has become a common issue in the USA. Despite how common it is, the immediate family of a victim has the right to sue the nursing home. They can seek compensation for their loss. A nursing home neglect lawyer can help you if you have to deal with such a painful situation.

It is excruciating if a loved one dies in the place you selected after considering various options. You might have done a lot of research on the services offered by the facility before taking your relative there. Unfortunately, a lot of untoward incidents happen in nursing homes across the country. Many nursing home residents lose their lives due to negligence and abuse.

Many situations may lead to the death of a nursing home resident. They include falls, dehydration, bedsores, malnutrition, excess use of medication, physical restraints, and wandering and elopement.

What Are the Findings of Lawyers Regarding Nursing Home Abuse and Its Rise In the USA?

Various organizations, government bodies, and lawyers conduct many studies to investigate nursing home abuse deaths. One of the primary reasons is the improper training of the nursing staff. Workers are not able to prevent life-threatening injuries, infections, falls, and illnesses.

Since nursing home abuse can take many forms, a thorough investigation is necessary to determine the cause of death. Proving the nursing home’s negligence plays a vital role in filing a compensation claim. You, therefore, need to consult with a nursing home neglect lawyer. The investigation by an experienced attorney and medical experts can reveal what happened.  This will help you to get the compensation you seek.

What Are the Causes of Death Commonly Observed by Lawyers for Nursing Home Abuse?

Wrongful death and negligence are the common causes in most of the deaths in nursing homes. The following are some of the reasons for wrongful death:

  • Poor supervision
  • Medical negligence
  • Falls
  • Serious infections
  • Unhealthy sanitary conditions
  • Lack of basic facilities

Some of the common symptoms of elderly abuses are as follows:

  • Broken bones
  • Unexplainable injuries
  • Visible cut and bruises
  • Quick weight loss and gain
  • Infections
  • Medical overdose
  • Sudden death
  • Malnutrition
  • Dehydration
  • Bedsores

Oftentimes, nursing home staff don’t deliberately set out to injure those in their care. They may be overwhelmed or inadequately trained. So, proper education, training, and behavioral conditioning are essential for improving the competence of nursing staff. This would help to put a stop to nursing home abuse and negligence.

Those who are not fit for working in nursing homes should be removed from the service. It is a noble field and a compassionate approach is necessary. People working in nursing homes should have the presence of mind and attitude for supporting elderly residents. If this is not present and it causes your relative harm, you should seek justice.

Can I Challenge the Death Certificate If I Suspect Nursing Home Abuse?

Death certificates are completed by a physician, coroner, or medical examiner and a funeral director. Sometimes the details on them are vague or inaccurate. If you doubt the cause of death cited, you can challenge it. Genuine errors may have been made.

However, there are many instances of nursing homes deliberately covering up what really happened. They will provide inaccurate details to make the death look natural for an elderly person. The underlying cause of death may be malnutrition or dehydration which indicate nursing home negligence. Therefore, you have every right to seek legal help from lawyers for nursing home abuse.

What Are the Rights of Nursing Home Residents?

All federal states protect the rights of nursing home residents regarding quality of care and quality of life. It is mandatory for nursing homes to provide the necessary care for residents. They should maintain the highest standard of mental, physical and psycho-social wellbeing.  The nursing home is also responsible for offering an environment that can enhance the resident’s quality of life.

Contact a Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer for Immediate Help

Don’t think you are alone if your loved one died due to nursing home abuse. Without wasting precious time, contact the Connell Law Firm for guidance and help. We offer free professional consultations. We won’t accept any fees unless we win the case and you get compensation.  Contact us today!