Things to Be Careful of in the Nursing Home This Summer

July 14, 2021

If your loved one is in a nursing home, you need to pay extra attention to them in the summer months. Older people cannot tolerate the heat the way younger people can. The problem is that they don’t realize that they’re hot. The next thing they know, they’re nearing heatstroke. They also don’t always dress for the summer weather.

They’re inside the nursing home 95% of the time so they have no idea just how hot it is outside. They may be wearing a sweater or long pants and end up overheating. If you’re concerned that the nursing home staff aren’t taking proper care of your loved one, you should call and talk to a Columbia nursing home abuse lawyer right away.

Remember – the Elderly Do Not Handle the Heat Well

As mentioned above, the elderly do not handle the heat well. Every summer, there are stories on the news about an older person who passed away during a heatwave. They’re so used to being cold, they don’t understand that it’s much hotter in the summertime. It’s important that you talk to the nursing home staff to see if your mom or dad needs lighter clothes for the summer. If they get cold, they can always put layers on. However, it’s important that they have appropriate clothing.

Does the Home Have Enough Staff on Holiday Weekends?

A lot of the nursing home staff take their vacations during the summer. If there’s ever a time when the home will be understaffed, it’s this time of year. But just because people go on vacation, that doesn’t mean it’s okay for the nursing home residents to be neglected or ignored. If you notice any of the following, you should reach out to an experienced Columbia nursing home abuse lawyer:

  • Your loved one is not being bathed often enough
  • They don’t have enough fluids throughout the course of the day
  • There isn’t proper ventilation in their room
  • They aren’t eating properly
  • They appear to be unkempt

These are the signs that your loved one is being neglected. It’s critical that you address this as soon as possible. Call your Columbia nursing home abuse lawyer and ask them to inquire on your behalf. If something happens to your loved one as a result of this neglect, you may have a legal claim against the nursing home.

Do They Have Any Outdoor Events for the Residents?

Like any other business, nursing homes tend to have outdoor events more often in the summer. They have things like flea markets and barbecues. If they’re outside, there’s a much greater chance that they could fall and get hurt. They may also try to wander off if there aren’t enough aides to help them. The other thing you need to be careful of is that they aren’t outside too long. When the temperatures get to be in the 90s, they really shouldn’t be outside for more than a few minutes, if at all.

Strokes are More Common in the Summer

Older people are more likely to suffer a stroke in the summer months. As people get older, a stroke can be devastating, even fatal. When you see the temperatures are skyrocketing, take some time out to go visit them in the nursing home. You want to make sure they’re getting their medication on time. You also want to look to see if they’re being checked on throughout the day. It’s much better to discover these things early enough to prevent any serious damage.

Reach Out to a Skilled Columbia Nursing Home Lawyer Right Away

Everybody seems to be a lot busier in the summer months. Between work and vacation, it gets a lot harder to make it to the nursing home as often as you’d like. If you can’t get there and suspect that something isn’t right, you should call an experienced Columbia nursing home abuse lawyer. They can reach out to the nursing home administrator and ask to see copies of your loved one’s charts. Once the nursing home realizes that you have an attorney, you can bet they’ll take good care of your mom or dad.

If you suspect that your loved one is the victim of abuse or neglect, call our office right away. You can schedule your free, initial consultation right over the phone. Your loved one is counting on you to ensure they’re getting the proper care. If you’re afraid this isn’t happening, take action now.