What Should You Look for When Researching a Nursing Home in South Carolina?

November 14, 2019

If you’re looking to move your mom or dad into a nursing home in South Carolina, it’s going to be a difficult decision. Nobody ever wants to admit that they’re not capable of taking care of their elderly parents. We try our best, but at a certain point, we need to turn to the professionals.

The reason it’s so hard to make this decision is because we worry about our parents. They’ve taken care of us our entire lives. Now, they’re barely able to take care of themselves. The last thing you want to do is move them into a nursing home that isn’t going to take good care of them.

This is why you need to do your homework before you choose a nursing home. Word of mouth is great, but there are certain things you need to look for when shopping around for a nursing home in Columbia. It’s not a bad idea to call an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer in South Carolina for help. They know which homes have a reputation for harming or neglecting their patients. They also know which nursing homes have a great reputation. They can give you a short list of nursing homes to visit.

Here, we’ll discuss a few things you need to look for when choosing a nursing home for your mom or dad. It’s worth taking the extra time now rather than deal with your loved one being hurt or abused down the road.

Make Sure the Nursing Home in South Carolina is Clean and Smells Nice

You want to make sure you visit the facility. This is the only way you can ensure that it’s clean and safe. When you first walk in, you’ll know right away if it’s well taken care of. If you smell feces or urine, turn around and walk right back out. You don’t want your loved one living somewhere that smells like that.

The way a facility treats its property is a good indication of how they treat their residents. If the building isn’t bright and airy – and clean – keep searching until you find one that is.

Ask to See Accident and Injury Reports

When you meet with the admissions office, ask to see a report on falls, injuries and accidents. If they’re not willing to show this to you, there’s a good reason. They’re hiding something. Any reputable facility will be more than willing to provide this information. And, if they do have a few incidents, that doesn’t mean it’s a terrible facility. I’d rather see a couple of issues that are reported than a bunch that aren’t.

Meet with the Administrator and Ask Questions

The administrator should be willing to talk to you. If they won’t make time or aren’t eve at the facility, that’s a bad sign. Any good administrator is going to want to know what’s going on with their facility. If they are always out or can never return a phone call, imagine how you’ll be treated after you move your loved one in.

Talk to Other Residents and Their Family Members

If you get a chance, sit down and talk to a couple of the residents. They may be your best key to information. Now, make sure you meet with residents who don’t have dementia. You want to make sure you get an accurate depiction of what life in the nursing home is like.

Do Online Research to See if the Home Has any Recent Legal Issues or Violations

One of the best places to get information on a nursing home is online. Check out stories on social media. Look to see if there are any news articles about the nursing home. Perhaps they were recently cited for violations. Or maybe they were even sued for a fall or injury.

Contact an Experienced Nursing Home Lawyer in Columbia

If you’ve done your research and think you’ve found a good nursing home, there’s one more thing you need to do. Call Connell Law Firm and speak with an experienced nursing home lawyer in Columbia, South Carolina. They can give you an idea of whether the home has a good reputation or not. They can even let you know of any recent lawsuits or grievances filed against the nursing home.

Call today and schedule your initial consultation. It’s absolutely free and your lawyer can answer any questions you may have. They can also give you peace of mind knowing that you’ve chosen a clean and safe place for your loved one.

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