Make Sure You Do Your Research Before Selecting a Nursing Home in South Carolina

December 2, 2019

If you’ve decided that it’s time to move your loved one into a nursing home, you have some work to do. When you’re selecting a nursing home, you don’t want to just pick the name of a facility off of the internet. You need to do your research. Ideally, once you move them into a nursing home, they’ll stay there the rest of their days. Moving them once can be hard enough. You’re not going to want to have to transfer them over and over until you find a good fit.

This is why it’s important that you take the time now to investigate the different nursing homes near Columbia, South Carolina. There are lots of ways to do this. Some of them do involve online research. For example, you can look to see if there have been any cases or complaints filed against local nursing homes. Or, you can look to see what customer and family members have to say about the home on their website. But there are also a few things you can do that involves good old-fashioned legwork.

This decision will be one of the most important ones you ever make. When you’re choosing a nursing home, it’s important that you make the right choice from the start. A nursing home lawyer in Columbia can help. They know which homes have a good reputation. They also know which ones have been sued recently for abuse and neglect. If you’re unsure of how to proceed with your research, call and speak to a nursing home abuse lawyer in Columbia right away.

Before Selecting a Nursing Home, Visit Several Facilities

Anyone who’s dealt with having family members live in a nursing home knows there are telltale signs of a good home. When you first walk into a nursing home, you’ll have a good idea of whether or not it’s worth investigating further. For example, if you smell urine or other unpleasant odors, turn around and walk out. If you see people wandering around the lobby unsupervised, turn around and walk out. And, if nobody comes to greet you, turn around and walk out. Places like this don’t seem to care about things like security and atmosphere. If that’s the case, they’re not going to take care of your loved one.

When you do visit, talk to the staff. Talk to the residents. Ask questions that, at first, may not seem very important. Some of these include:

  • How do you like the food?
  • Do you and your roommate get along?
  • Do they provide fun activities for you to do?
  • Do the nurses come when you need help?

These questions will elicit honest responses from the residents. They’ll speak openly and honestly. Nursing home residents don’t get a lot of visitors. Sometimes, they’ll tell you more than you thought they could. You just have to open up and ask the right questions.

Bring Your Loved One for a Visit

It’s bad enough that your mom or dad has no say in whether or not they get to stay at home. Typically, it’s the family members that decide to move someone into a nursing home. Very few nursing home residents asked to be moved into a facility. It’s usually something they fight to the bitter end.

The least you can do is let them have a say in selecting a nursing home. Sure, there’s a chance that they’ll say they hate every place you visit. If they’re adamant about staying home, they’re not going to admit they like any facility. However, if they’re open to the idea, they should have a say in where they go.

Take them to visit a few homes. Let them talk to the residents. Let them look and see what kinds of amenities the place has. If you’re looking into a nursing home, these will be limited. However, if you’re considering an assisted living facility, there are lots of services the facilities offer.

Contact an Experienced Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in Columbia, South Carolina

If your loved one is the victim of nursing home abuse, they may have a claim for damages. Call and speak with an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer in Columbia right away.

Nursing homes are supposed to take good care of their residents. If that don’t, you need you may have case against them. Call and schedule your free initial consultation. An experienced attorney can meet with you and your family and determine your legal options.