What Do I Do If I Think the Nursing Home Staff is Stealing from My Mom?

June 15, 2019

Many of us have a hard time moving our mom into a nursing home. We may have promised never to make them leave their home. Or we may have promised ourselves that we’d never do this to our parent.

But the time may come when you just aren’t able to care for your mom anymore. As our parents get older, they need more and more care. We aren’t trained or qualified to provide this care. That’s when it comes time to rely on other people who are qualified.

When you move your mom into a nursing home or assisted living facility, you’re nervous. You hope and pray that they take good care of your mother. The last thing you’re worried about is people stealing from your mom. Sadly, however, this happens more than you may think.

Residents in nursing homes are the victim of what we call financial abuse. This is when employees or other residents steal from them or commit different sorts of fraud. The nursing home is accountable for this abuse and needs to be held liable.

Nursing home abuse lawyers in Columbia, South Carolina will fight hard to make sure they’re held liable.

What are the Types of Financial Abuse in Nursing Homes?

Older people are more susceptible to financial abuse than other people. As we get older, we become more trusting. We also have a harder time with our memory. People in the nursing home industry are aware of this. Sadly, many of them take advantage of this.

Some of the more common types of financial abuse we see in nursing homes include:

  • Credit Card Fraud – Some employees take a resident’s private information and open up credit cards and loans in their name. They simply use their own address or, they use the resident’s home address and intercept the mail. They run these credit cards up and the resident is none the wiser. Since banks don’t typically take aggressive collection action against the elderly, it may not be discovered until your loved one passes away.
  • Bank Withdrawals – A lot of nursing assistants will befriend a resident and convince them to give them their bank information. They may even claim they’re going to run errands for the resident. Once they have their information, they make a number of withdrawals and may even drain the account.
  • Stealing Cash – Never leave cash with your loved one. This is the number one way other residents and employees can rob your loved one.
  • Access to the Debit Cards – If an employee is able to get the pin number from a resident, they can take small withdrawals that go unnoticed for months. They can also use their debit card information to order things online or pay their bills. By the time you notice anything’s going on, the money may be long gone.

All of these things are illegal and can be pursued in criminal court. However, that won’t do your mom any good. Your South Carolina nursing home abuse lawyer can hold the nursing home accountable instead. They have a duty to protect your mom and this includes preventing financial abuse.

Keep in mind- if the nursing home isn’t aware of the activity, they can’t be expected to stop it. You have to be aggressive in spotting this kind of behavior and putting the home on notice.

What are the Signs You Should Look For?

If you suspect someone is taking advantage of your mom or dad, you need to keep an eye out. There are certain telltale signs that your parent is the victim of financial abuse. Some of these signs are:

  • They can’t find their debit card or checkbook
  • There are a series of checks missing from their checkbook
  • They don’t have any of the cash you left with them
  • The address has been changed on their bank statement
  • You notice small withdrawals or purchases on their bank statement
  • They start to get a lot of junk mail

If you notice any of these things, talk to a nursing home abuse lawyer in Columbia right away. Also, talk to the nursing home administrator. Tell them you expect a full investigation or you’re talking to a lawyer.

Contact a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in Columbia, South Carolina Today

Lastly, if your mom has been the victim of financial abuse, you need to call a nursing home lawyer in Columbia today. The longer you wait, the more the defendant will take. The last thing your loved one deserves it to be stolen from. Call today and schedule your initial consultation with an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer. The consultation is free and you pay nothing until you settle your case.

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