How Your Family Can Find a High-Quality Nursing Home

June 14, 2020

High-quality nursing homes are available and at every price range. The trouble is that finding a good nursing home takes time and effort from everyone involved. You’ll have to dedicate your spare time to meet with administrators, doctors, and nursing staff. Going right into the nursing homes, and evaluating the environment are two of the best ways to help find a great nursing home.

With a quality nursing home, you should have minimal concerns about possible abuse. In that vein, you’re doing everything that you can to protect your loved one. As we age, we look toward the younger generation to ensure that we’re not taken advantage of or harmed by people who should provide a service. Do this work for your family, search for a great nursing home, not just an affordable option. You can also contact our experienced nursing home abuse lawyers to find out which places to avoid.

Make Your Visits in Person

Visiting in person will help you visually see and experience the environment. When you walk in, don’t expect anyone to point out the bad stuff. Instead, go in like Nancy Drew and do a little detective work.

Look at the rooms, are they clean? Are they bright and happy or sterile and cold? Then consider how much the environment fits your family member. If they spent all their lives in a hospital working, they might not mind the white walls and white linen. Or, it could be the last thing they want.

You should also consider the staff when you’re there. Sure it’s easy to fake being happy for a few moments for a quick chat but talk to the staff that seems tired. If you can spot the one employee that looks disgruntled, talk to them.

Noise Level

Things like background noise that generally don’t bother young people are an issue for the elderly. They often have a harder time filtering out distractions. Such things like radios blasting from the nurses’ corner, or roommates that keep the TV on all night could be an issue for your loved one.

Rely on Non-Profit Sites to Limit Your Search

Non-profit sites often put a lot of effort into validating good reviews and investigating bad reviews of nursing homes. They’re much more reliable than government sites that might feel obligated to list every Medicare friendly option in the state. Instead, look to the people whose job it is to do good.

Non-profit organizations for the elderly often help families find affordable, high-quality care. Taking care of your seniors should be something the state can handle, but that ship has sailed.

What to Look for in Other Patients

While you’re there, scoping out the general environment, look at the other patients too. Not only will your loved one be spending a lot of time around them, but also probably receiving similar care. Little things can tell you a lot!


Having your grooming managed is nice, and it’s also necessary for basic self-care. Does the home have someone that comes in to do their hair? Does someone trim their nails, or does that all fall to the family when they visit?

You should expect them to do more than deliver a glass of water and take their blood pressure. Personal health involves personal cleanliness too.

You Don’t Get What You Pay For

The average nursing home facility in 2019 ran between $7,500 and $8,500 per month. Per month, imagine, there’s no way that you would spend that monthly to have them in-home with a nurse or health-aid. But, a nursing home may still be the best option.

What is critical in this industry, is that the chandelier effect, or “you get what you pay for,” mentality. There are many outstanding nurses and doctors in less expensive, Medicare-friendly nursing homes. Just the same, there could be abusive staff members in expensive homes. It’s about the staff, not the price.

Contact a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney At Connell Law

Nursing home abuse is far too common in our country, and the only way to stop it completely is to starve the centers that let it go unreported. However, if you find that someone has abused your mom, dad, grandparent, or elderly sibling, you can take action. Even in the extended family, it could be possible to stand up for them and give them a voice that they may not know to exercise right now.

Stop elderly abuse against your family member by working on getting full compensation for the trauma and damages they’ve suffered. Hold the abuser responsible and fight for your day in court. Call Connell Law and set up an appointment to discuss allegations, civil proceedings, and more.