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South Carolina Patrol Car Involved in an Accident

February 8, 2020

A trooper with the South Carolina Highway Patrol was involved in an accident on Monday afternoon.

The accidents happened on Catawba Street near Serpentine Driver around 2 p.m. troopers informed.

So far, there are no more details about the accident. No person was injured in this crash.

The collision occurred near the Spartanburg Regional Medical Center. Another agency investigates the accident because it involves a trooper vehicle.

It is never easy to be involved in a car accident. If you got injured, then you will face a long recovery, medical fees, and lost wages.

This is a challenging thing for car accident injury victims who often are not aware that they can seek legal help to get the needed compensation for their injuries and damages.

After you get your medical help and treatment, it is time to seek legal help from a car accident attorney.

Many people involved in accidents make the mistake of talking too much to the other parties and the police, forgetting that anything can be used against them in court.

This is why it is important to restrain yourself from explaining or stating that it was your fault. It is not your job to decide whose fault was it (even if you know it was your fault).

Your attorney will counsel you on what to do and say. They will help you file the lawsuit and seek the claim from the insurance company.

Act fast and don’t let South Carolina statute of limitations of three years to be the reason why you did not get your claim. Once the deadline is over, you are losing the right to seek the claim.

For more information about car accidents and compensation claims in such cases, call our car crash lawyers and schedule your consultation.