What Happens When Dining Out Means a Trip to the ER?

December 22, 2015

A recent study indicates that approximately 351,000 individuals die every year as a result of food poisoning. With nearly 616,000 restaurants within the U.S., the risk of food poisoning, although not significant, is still a reality, especially where restaurants are facing stiff competition and are under immense consumer pressure to become more efficient, and cater to a wide array of food menu items. Despite this, there are still incidents throughout the United States of patrons suffering and experiencing severe food poisoning, resulting in severe cramps, nausea, dehydration, and, in many cases, requiring a visit to the emergency room.

South Carolina Restaurant Closes

Case in point involves the recent closure of a well known Camden South Carolina restaurant where approximately 50 individuals, over the course of a single weekend, were required to go the the ER as a result of complaints of food poisoning related symptoms.  As a result, the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Services (DHES) ordered the restaurant to be immediately closed, and is conducting a formal investigation regarding the restaurant’s operations and processes, as well as evaluating whether the restaurant was violating any public health codes.

Public Health Codes in SC

The State of South Carolina, similar to many states, vigorously enforces public health codes, especially when it comes to food handling, kitchen sanitation, and other issues that may cause or increase the risk of foodborne outbreaks that may lend itself to individual or mass food poisoning.  

In fact, the State of South Carolina, has set up a very comprehensive public complaint and investigation process, by which the public can submit complaints, and provides explicit instructions that includes, if possible, preserving the food that may have caused you to be sick and clearly marking it as “Do Not Eat,” saving all of the packing materials, if any, and noting the date and time in which you ate such food. Additionally, if you suspect food poisoning, it is very important that you discuss such issues and possibility with your healthcare provider so they can not only sufficiently treat you, but otherwise document such complaints by way of your medical records.  

When You Get Sick Due to Improperly Handled Food

The fact remains, that when you and your family eat at a restaurant that is licensed and registered to do business in the State of South Carolina, there are specific safety, health, and code based regulations the restaurant must adhere to including for instance, maintaining certain sanitation processes, having proper food handler permits and training for those preparing and cooking food, as well as insuring certain quality control measures so that patrons will not get sick from food that has expired, is not fully cooked, or that has been contaminated.  

If you have suffered from food poisoning as a result of eating at a restaurant, you need a skilled attorney to assist you as you navigate the various personal injury issues you may face. The Connell Law Firm, LLC is prepared to help you throughout the legal process to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.