Deciding When To Hire a South Carolina Personal Injury Lawyer

December 11, 2016

When you’ve been injured through someone else’s negligence, whether it is an auto accident, a premises liability claim, or any other type of personal injury claim, the last thing you want to do is to hesitate to take action. The longer you wait to contact an attorney and/or pursue a personal injury claim, the more difficult it will be to prove your case. Further, even if you take action quickly, waiting to contact an attorney could leave you exposed to underhanded insurance company tactics and the all too common mistakes that many victims of personal injuries make when they don’t have the benefit of an experienced lawyer’s advice. If you are not decided on whether or not you want to hire an attorney, then read on to learn about the benefits of doing so, and keep in mind that the initial consultation is free with the Connell Law Firm, so you have nothing to lose by seeking that initial guidance and advice.

Benefits of Hiring a South Carolina Personal Injury Attorney

There are many excellent reasons to hire a South Carolina personal injury when you’ve been injured through someone else’s negligence. The more complicated the case is and the more pressure you experience from the insurance company, the more essential it is to get that legal representation as soon as possible. The quicker you are to seek legal counsel for your case, the stronger your case will be and the more likely you will be to receive the maximum compensation for your personal injury claim.

One of the biggest reasons that you should hire an attorney as soon as possible is that you want to avoid running out the statute of limitations. Every personal injury claim is limited to the statute of limitations, meaning that you only have a given amount of time to pursue the claim after the injury occurs. In most personal injury claims in South Carolina, that statute of limitations in three years from the date of the injury. If you wait too long to initiate the process, you could easily run out the statute and forfeit your right to pursue compensation at all. Keep in mind that there is much more to seeking compensation than simply filing a claim. You may think you have plenty of time, but you have to factor in the time for initiating the claim, negotiating with the insurance company, serving the defendant, waiting for them to respond, and building your case. Each step takes time, and your time is limited.

Another excellent reason to hire an attorney for your personal injury claim is to ensure that your claim is investigated thoroughly and appropriately. With the benefit of a lawyer on your side, you will get a much better quality of the investigation, including gathering witness statements and evidence to prove negligence, injuries, and associated costs. Chances are that you don’t have the experience or training to thoroughly investigate your own claim or to do so as quickly and completely as an attorney will. Your attorney can even ensure that evidence is preserved and that your witnesses can be located and consulted in time to be of benefit to your claim.

Finally, hiring a South Carolina personal injury lawyer to handle your claim will take the weight off of your own shoulders. Your attorney will address the various tasks and deadlines that are applicable to your case and ensure that your claim progresses as it should. This leaves you free to focus on your own health and recovery. In this way, your lawyer can minimize the stress and make life easier for you.

Don’t Wait Until It Is Too Late

It is important to be aware of your deadlines and the statute of limitations in your case. If you wait more than three years to pursue a claim, then you have waited too long for most personal injury cases. Yet, there are some situations where the statute of limitations can be prolonged. Primarily, this is the case when you sustain injuries or losses that you would not be expected to be aware of right away. The sooner you contact an attorney after realizing that you’ve sustained injuries and/or other damages, the better off you will be and the stronger your claim will be.

Remember, again, that your initial consultation with the Connell Law Firm in South Carolina is going to be free, so we evaluate your case and offer general guidance at no cost to you. From there, we work on a contingency fee basis, so that you don’t have to worry about the expense of an attorney. We don’t get paid unless we recover compensation for you, and when we succeed in this, our fee will be a percentage of that compensation. Contact a determined South Carolina personal injury lawyer today to schedule your free personal injury claim consultation.