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Man Dies During Motorcycle Race in Salley, South Carolina

March 8, 2020

A Georgia man died Sunday in Salley, South Carolina after taking part in an off-road motorcycle race. The race was part of the Sandlapper Enduro Race which takes part in Salley. 56-year old John Nutt, from Georgia, was one of the racers.

The race started on Saturday afternoon and was supposed to continue until 2 pm on Sunday. Sunday afternoon, the police were called to the scene of what appeared to be a motorcycle accident. When they got there, there found the body of Nutt in a wooded area not far from the race course.

Sadly, Nutt was pronounced dead at the scene. The county coroner said he will need to complete an autopsy because they’re just not sure exactly what caused the victim’s death. When they found him, he was wearing his helmet and all other protective gear.

The coroner stated that there is no indication that Nutt hit a tree. However, it was clear that he had been thrown from the motorcycle somehow. The investigation is still ongoing. While there is no mention of foul play, it’s just a matter of the police putting together the pieces of this puzzle.

The body of the Albany, Georgia man was found in that wooded area off Altees Corbett Road. The race had been sponsored by the Columbia Enduro Sports. This was confirmed by US Dual Sports. Reports have not released whether the area in which the body was found is a part of the race or not. Since they stated Nutt was found near the race course, it appears that perhaps he was off-road at the time of his accident.

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