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2 College Students Killed in Multi-Vehicle Crash in Mount Olive

March 20, 2020

Whenever we hear that there’s been a fatal accident, we find ourselves saying a little prayer for the family of the victims. This is especially true when the crash involves young people. There have been recent stories about groups of college athletes being injured in traffic accidents. This appears to be the case this week in Mount Olive, South Carolina.

A jeep traveling near the intersection of Highway 55 and Indian Springs Road was hit head-on by a tractor-trailer. The reports did not indicate what company the truck driver works for. It also didn’t identify the name of the truck driver.

In the Jeep were 7 university students from the University of Mount Olive. There were 6 girls from the school’s women’s lacrosse team. There was also one former college baseball player in the Jeep.

Two of the students were killed in the crash. One was Freshman Madison Mergl of Sayville, New York. The other was Sophomore Ann Wray of Oakland, New Jersey. The report did not indicate the ages of the two victims.

Several other students were rushed to the local hospital with a variety of injuries. These students were:

  • Freshman Alex Eubanks of Bowie, MD
  • Freshman Chaney Partrich of Chapin, SC
  • Sophomore Tiffany Lee of Gambrills, MD
  • Sophomore Amber McCarthy of Havelock, NC
  • Senior Jett Svetland of Sparta, OH

All of these students still remain hospitalized. There has been no statement made by the families of any of the victims.

The college has offered counseling services for anyone that was friends or peers of the injured students. The investigation is ongoing. Charges may be pending. The fact that the tractor-trailer hit the Jeep head-on indicates that there may have been an impairment issue.

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