Is it Illegal to Talk on Your Cell Phone While Driving in South Carolina?

August 15, 2018

The answer to the above question is no. South Carolina is yet to put in place laws that ban talking on the phone while driving. That is worrying because every day people are dying due to distracted driving. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) statistics show on average nine people die daily because of distracted driving. Another 1,060 are injured because of a driver’s loss of focus. In addition, 58% of all teen crashes are from distracted driving. In 2015, 391,000 distracted driving accidents were recorded. 3,477 fatal accidents were as a result of distracted driving.

The numbers have caused distracted driving to be called an American epidemic. Distracted driving is any activity that makes a driver not concentrate on the road. The information above shows the need for regulation on cell phone use while driving in South Carolina. If you or a loved one were injured due to someone using their phone while driving, you deserve justice. Talking to a South Carolina Car accident lawyer would make the driver pay for their actions.


What is the Proposal That Would Ban Talking on the Phone While Driving in South Carolina?

South Carolina already banned texting while driving. In 2014 the state joined 45 other states to implement a statewide ban on texting while driving. Police officers can issue primary citations for drivers found texting. For the first offense, the fine is $25 and $50 for repeat offenses. Use of your phone for calls or navigation was not part of this law.

However, the state legislature is proposing a law to curb this. A state lawmaker wants to make holding your phone or talking on the phone while driving illegal. Violators of the law would pay fines that increase with subsequent offenses. The proposal comes at a time when distracted driving is considered almost as dangerous as, or worse than, impaired driving. The proposed law called driving under the influence of an electronic device (DUI-E) calls for certain fines. The first offense would result in a $100 fine. The second and subsequent offenses would result in a $300 fine and two points on a driver’s license. Drivers could also pay higher insurance cost.

The proposed bill doesn’t totally ban talking on the phone while driving. It allows for talking if hands-free devices or a wireless system in the car are used. If passed, it would be a major step to ensuring roads are safer in South Carolina.


What a South Carolina Car Accident Lawyer Will Tell You About Talking on the Phone While Driving

You don’t have to wait for a state law to be a responsible driver. If you must talk on the phone while driving, try these measures.

Place your phone on the dashboard. Your phone most likely comes with a hands-free kit. If not, you can buy one. This enables you to mount your device on your dashboard and use the phone’s speaker. By doing this both your hands will always be on the wheel when driving.

Use your phone’s Bluetooth. Many automakers now offer Bluetooth. Pair your phone with the car’s infotainment. When a call comes you will use the car’s microphone and speaker so you don’t touch your phone will driving.

Avoid using your phone. Your calls can wait until you get to your destination. When driving, put away your phone. You can return calls once you are safely parked. Accidents happen in seconds so don’t let your phone get you into one. Your negligence could cause you to injure yourself and worse, other innocent people.


Get a Qualified South Carolina Car Accident Lawyer Following Your Car Accident in South Carolina

If you’re in an accident caused by the driver’s cell phone use, you should be paid for damages caused. Get help from a South Carolina car accident lawyer to figure out if you have a valid personal injury claim. At Connell Law Firm our auto accident lawyers will ensure you get the financial compensation owed. We will work with you to get the negligent driver to pay for medical treatment and lost wages. We will also seek other damages you deem fit for your quick recovery. If your claim is valid, Connell Law Firm has the resources to investigate and litigate your personal injury claims. We are clear on the laws regarding cell phone use while driving and can definitely assist you after your crash. Get in touch with us today on 803-310-5700 for a free consultation.

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