What Should I Do If I Am Injured In A Hit And Run Car Accident In Lugoff, SC?

June 15, 2018

You may have had an accident in which a driver hits you and drives off as if nothing happened. It is shocking, and you may not understand why someone would do that. A hit and run accident is a crime since the law requires that anyone that causes an accident should stop. In the case that you are injured, you need to take steps to ensure your safety before seeking justice for what happened.

If you are a victim of a hit and run car accident, you can still get compensation. The Connell Law Firm in Lugoff, SC will help you get the compensation you need after your hit and run car accident. However, you need to be keen on the steps you take after the accident since delays could mean trouble for you.


Steps to Take If Injured In a Hit and Run Accident

Seek Medical Help

The first thing you need to do is to call 911 to get medical care for your injuries. When you call the ambulance, the police will be informed as well, and they will arrive at the scene as soon as possible. Ensure that you get checked and be given a clean bill of health before anything else.


Talk to the Police

You need to inform the police of the incident and give as many details as you can remember. Doing this will help the police draw up a detailed report that will help your case. You will need to get the report once it is out to use it when you file for compensation.


Contact Your Car Accident Attorney

To have the upper hand on things, you will need the assistance of a car accident lawyer. If you are severely injured, he will be in charge of getting the police report and filing for compensation. Your lawyer can also get any witnesses of the incident just in case you need some back up in the case. He will also be the best person to advise on all the measures you need to take to get what you want.


How to Get Compensation after Being Injured In a Hit and Run Car Accident

You may be wondering whom you are going to sue since you might not know the offender. Don’t worry since, in Lugoff, SC, you can sue a John Doe or Jane Doe that caused the accident.

Since you won’t have the details of the offender, your request will be to your insurance provider. You would file a complaint under uninsured motorist if you agreed to purchase the cover. The assumption is that there is no insurance company to make the claim to so the uninsured cover applies.


You Must Meet These Conditions For Your Claim To Be Valid:

  • You need to report the accident and make an application within a reasonable time.
  • Physical and property damages need to have been caused by the hit and run. It is for this reason that you need witnesses who will confirm that for you.
  • You shouldn’t have been negligent in trying to identify the hit and run driver, thus making yourself partially liable.

If you meet all these conditions, you can then file for compensation from your insurance company.

In the case that you did get the number plate of the car that hit you, you can easily get the insurance details. A hit and run is a criminal offense, and the driver can get charges of a felony or misdemeanor. This is why you need a car accident attorney as he will help you file the charges and get justice for what you went through.


What If You Don’t Have Uninsured Coverage?

Having an uninsured cover in your policy is not a must in Lugoff, SC. However, the law requires that your insurance company offers it to you. If this didn’t happen, then you can file a suit to get uninsured motorist compensation. If it was offered to you, and you rejected it, your lawyer will advise on the legal options that you have.

Your priority, when injured in a hit and run car accident, is to get medical attention. Once you are all better, you need a fantastic attorney that will advise on your situation. We at The Connell Law Firm take pride in helping our clients get justice for what they have undergone. Our team will look at your case and come up with the best measures to take, and once we have your consent, we set the ball rolling.

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