What Insurance Add-Ons are Really Worth It?

September 3, 2020

Everyone who has had the sign up for car insurance is familiar with the countless add-ons these insurance providers try to sell. But are some of them actually worth it? Some states have even gone so far as to require drivers to have certain Insurance add-ons such as uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage.

There are certainly times where these Insurance add-ons or additional types of coverage can help drivers after crash even if it wasn’t their fault. Contact our Columbia car accident attorneys for more information.

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage offers coverage for any type of collision that you might encounter. Insurance providers will still have their drivers seek compensation from the app fault driver, but collision coverage is there as a safety net. Collision coverage can cover the cost of damage to a vehicle after a crash no matter whose fault it was.

But, collision coverage covers a few unexpected damages too. Single vehicle accident, pothole damage, and even curb damage are common claims for collision coverage insurance.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage is in additional coverage option that covers the unfortunate situations of car ownership. Car theft, vandalism, and accidents with animals are all situations that normally don’t fall under standard car insurance coverage. Even collision insurance usually won’t cover single vehicle accidents that involve an animal. But comprehensive coverage does.

Comprehensive coverage can also cover damage from nature. Flooding, storm damage, the tree that fell over and landed on your car, are things that would fall under a comprehensive coverage claim.

UM/UIM – What is It, and When Can You Use It?

Uninsured motorist, or underinsured motorist, coverage is something that most drivers should heavily consider adding to their policy. UM/UIM coverage covers physical damage or personal injury sustained as part of a crash where the at-fault driver either had no insurance or does not have enough insurance to cover the damages.

UM/UIM coverage can also take care of damages you sustained as a pedestrian or in a hit-and-run. For example if you were walking down the street and were the victim of a hit-and-run, you may be able to file for compensation through your UM/UIM policy. the accident was indeed a car accident, and you are the victim, and you don’t have the at-fualt driver’s insurance information.

GAP Insurance

GAP coverage is an insurance option that is often made available through dealerships or lenders. You usually don’t get GAP insurance from a primary insurance provider such as Geico, Allstate, farmers, and similar companies.

Most lenders in dealerships have a limited time frame you can use to accept GAP insurance because your car starts losing value as soon as it leaves the lot. GAP insurance allows new car owners to recover the full value of the vehicle until a certain time has elapsed or a certain mileage.

New Car Replacement Insurance

If you missed your opportunity to get GAP insurance with the dealership, your insurance provider might offer a new car replacement insurance option. New car replacement insurance is an add-on that is available for new cars only, but the coverage offers replacement for a new car of the same make, model, and often year.

For example, if you just bought a new 2019 Honda Civic, then they would offer to replace the car with a 2019 Honda Civic.

The replacement option is only available when the new vehicle is determined as a total loss. It helps many drivers avoid a drastic financial hit especially when the accident wasn’t their fault.

Exploring Add-Ons and Legal Representation

Weather in Insurance add-on is worth it or not varies from person to person. You can always Explorer add-ons with an insurance representative, but keep in mind that their salespeople. Of course they want you to add an extra type of insurance or a supplementary coverage. However, there are times when these add-ons can substantially change the outcome of a crash. you will still want to pursue compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurance provider, but new car replacement insurance, and collision coverage can I help cover the gap of excess damages.

At the Weinstein Firm you can explore all of your options. From the at-fault driver’s insurance coverage, to the additional coverage you have to help cover all of your damages. are attorneys that start by building a foundation through an extensive demand letter. When is maxed out the at-fault drivers coverage, we can start exploring your add-ons such as collision coverage, UIM, and new car replacement. It’s possible that these add-ons could help resolve some of your outstanding damages from the crash.