Can You Protect Yourself From Wrong-Way Drivers?

July 2, 2020

Wrong-way drivers seem to be their own type of epidemic plaguing America at the moment. After documentaries such as There’s Something Wrong with Aunt Diane, you would have expected people to become more aware of the dangers of wrong-way driving, but no. Instead, people have used the lack of vehicles on freeways, highways, and main streets to perpetuate the wrong-way crash issue.

Why do wrong-way crashes happen, and is there anything that you can do to avoid them or protect yourself? It’s very likely that you and others are worried about the very real risk of wrong-way drivers. Contact our Lugoff car accident attorneys today for additional resources.

Wrong-Way Crash Stats

Anywhere between 300 and 400 people die each year from wrong-way drivers. Their ability to cause massive destruction is nearly unmatched when they’re behind the wheel. In fact, the fatality rate for wrong-way crashes is bout 1.34 when all other fatal crashes are about 1.10, which means that there’s a .24 or roughly a 25% higher chance of additional people, besides the driver, dying in the crash as well.

Given the nature of wrong-way crashes, the drivers are either purposefully acting this way or under the influence. There’s also a substantial gap in wrong-way driving statistics and suicide by vehicle. One primary example is Aubrey McClendon, who essentially committed suicide-by-vehicle when he drove head-on into a wall at 78 miles per hour. That death was never declared a suicide, despite the overwhelming evidence that McClendon intentionally drove his Chevy Tahoe into a wall. There is a concern and a grave suspicion that most of the wrong-way crashes are associated with suicide attempts. However, those arguments are difficult to prove and easy to dismiss, given the lack of evidence to support the state of mind of the driver.

Try to Use Middle lanes or The Right Lane

The California Highway Patrol regularly deals with inebriated wrong-way drivers, and after one crash, they spoke with ABC7 to discuss what sober drivers can do differently. Perhaps the best tip to come from that source was that even when drunk, inebriated drivers know that “opposing” traffic should be on their left. So instinctively, they will move over so that the opposing traffic is on their left, which puts them into the left-most lane.

Make a Scene – Lights, Noise, and Your Phone

If you see the shadow or outline of a car heading toward you, quite possibly in the wrong direction, then flash your bright lights. Flash your lights, honk your horn, and call 911. When the monumental accident happened on the Taconic NY State parkway leading to the death of eight people, four of those being children, many had called in to 911. Many had called 911, but many people avoided this high-speed wrong-way driver because they were honking, evading, and flashing lights.

Getting some attention to your vehicle can be a good thing when you feel that a crash is only a matter of time. If you see a driver coming your way, call 911, and then do everything possible alert the other driver that you’re in path.

Limit Your Distractions

Looking down at your phone for two or three seconds can pull your attention away from the road for the length of one or two football fields, depending on how fast you’re driving. That’s time that you could have used to move or evade a wrong-way driver. Perhaps the most important safety tip when it comes to avoiding any crash is to limit your distractions.

But, specifically, to avoid wrong-way drivers, you should keep your line of sight much closer to the horizon. Most drivers have a tendency to keep their eyes only a few car lengths ahead of them. Looking further down the roadway can help you avoid disasters such as a wrong-way crash.

In a Head-On Collision? Call A South Carolina Car Accident Lawyer

Head-on collisions and wrong-way crashes are trying, even if you survive the crash, the long road ahead for recovery will be challenging. The best that you can manage is to distribute the tasks that need doing evenly and to the best capable person. For your insurance claim and possible lawsuit involve a local South Carolina car crash attorney.

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