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I Witnessed a Car Accident in Camden, South Carolina. What Should I Do Now?

Car Accident Attorney Camden South Carolina

A collision is an unsettling event for everyone that is involved, including witnesses. Other drivers on the roads and bystanders in a car accident in Camden, South Carolina may see the incident happen in slow motion and destructive crashes are especially terrifying and demand immediate action from everyone at the scene. When a person is…

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How Can I Collect Pain and Suffering Damages for My Camden Car Accident?

Personal Injury Pain and Suffering Camden SC

You and your family love living in Camden, South Carolina. The weather is great, and there are excellent schools for your children to attend. The new jobs you and your wife have, provide a good income for your family to live a comfortable lifestyle. One day, on your way home from work, your vehicle is…

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How Do I Know I Have Enough Insurance to Cover My Camden, SC, Car Accident?

South Carolina Insurance Car Accident

Car insurance minimum coverage amounts often vary from state to state. If you are considering moving to South Carolina or are new to the Camden, South Carolina area, there are specific coverage amounts you need to have on your automobile to protect yourself and others in the event of a car accident. A car accident…

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Do I Need a Lawyer after a Car Accident in Camden, SC?

Car Accident Lawyer Camden, SC

The short answer to this often-asked question is “yes, absolutely.” If you’ve been injured in a car accident, it is essential you hire an attorney to protect your rights and ensure you receive fair compensation. Without an attorney, you are putting yourself at risk for being taken advantage of by insurance companies and the legal…

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