Nursing Home in Columbia: Are They Overmedicating?

February 2, 2022

People trust nursing homes in Columbia, SC to care for their loved ones. Many nursing homes provide residents with excellent care and have skilled, kind nurses who can make them feel better and help them improve their health. However, some nursing home staff can neglect or even abuse the elderly people under their care.

According to US News & World Report, studies have raised concerns about the overuse of medication in nursing homes. What if a nursing home in Columbia, SC overmedicates your loved one? There can be very harmful after-effects of such actions.

Let’s find out the details of overmedication in nursing homes to get a better idea of how such actions can affect the health of your loved ones.

Anti-Psychotic Medication in Nursing Homes:

Antipsychotic medication is regularly used in nursing homes to treat patients with Alzheimer’s, and other forms of dementia. These conditions lead to behaviors that make it difficult for staff to care for residents. Sometimes, the residents easily lose their temper and become paranoid. They may even experience delusions.

Antipsychotic drugs help control these symptoms. Additionally, most patients sleep more often while on such medicines, making it easier for nursing staff to care for them.

However, antipsychotic drugs are powerful and should be used with immense care. Overdose or excessive use can hurt the patient. The FDA warns that the medicine Haldol significantly increases the risk of death from heart problems, falls and infections when administered to elderly patients with dementia-related psychosis.

Antipsychotic medication can have a negative impact on elderly people’s mental health. They may be depressed or constantly tired. All of these signs are an indication that your loved one could be being overmedicated at the nursing home.

A professional attorney can help you fight against the nursing home. Such cases are complicated and almost impossible to prove with an attorney’s help.

Finding Out About Over-Medication in a Nursing Home in Columbia:

If you ever get doubtful about your loved one being overdosed, then you need to consider some major points:

  • Are your loved ones feeling dizzy?
  • Do you feel that they are always tired and lethargic?
  • Do you hear things like they feel numb or weak often from your loved ones?
  • You should ask them about the types of drugs that they take, and the timings of each medicine
  • You should ask the doctors and some unbiased professional outside the nursing home as well to confirm that your loved ones are taking the right medicine without being overmedicated
  • You should also try to ensure that your loved ones are satisfied with the way they are treated
  • You should also keep track records of their sleeping schedule because excessive sleep is a big sign of the patient being overmedicated

You should contact a nursing home abuse lawyer right away if you suspect a nursing home in Columbia is giving your loved one too much medication. An attorney can evaluate your case and give you clear guidance on how to protect your loved one as well as how to get compensation from the nursing home.

Get Help from Our Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers:

The overuse of medication in nursing homes is a serious issue. It is harmful to residents’ physical and mental health. It’s important to watch for signs like dizziness, weakness, and even small injuries. You should also ask your family member about medications and get a second opinion from a medical professional outside the nursing home.

If you feel that your loved one is suffering from overmedication, then you should contact our skilled nursing home abuse lawyers for a free consultation.

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